Fare Thee Well ... We're Outta Here!

It's been coming for a while and we've both discussed it in depth ... long and hard. We've still got some videos to post, finish off the Mr and Mrs Donny reports and generally tidy and finalise the place up but after that we're off into the real world. We'll still post every now and then on important issues and we'll answer as always ALL comments, e-mails and phonecalls, We'll still be around to help wherever we can but just not here on the net as much we were.Use this blogs e-mail and phone number for contact as per norm.

The blog will remain up with all it's content and advice --- and will also be updated when necessary --- and download links will remain active

Why are we doing this? Well, the answer is simple, the fight for cross-border shoppers is out there in the real world. The majority of people that come here are seeking advice AFTER they've been robbed by the UKBA and in a lot of cases it's too late to do anything ... the damage has already been done. The answer is to have the advice BEFORE they come into contact with the UKBA. We intend to do that by talking to smokers and giving out little business cards that give the basic advice and the address of this blog for more detailed information. Our target will be the smokers outside the pubs etc and on the ferries/airports etc

We're proud that in these days of all the smoking issues we actually did make a difference ... but not enough We found with the help of our friends such as SBC the tools to stop a lot of the intimidation, harassment and unjust tactics used by the UKBA to seize goods off legitimate shoppers. Not only did we tell people, we actually went out and did it ourselves to SHOW people it works. We then published everything here and on youtube. Actions not just words has always been our  way.

Our real breakthrough was finding the right to record all UKBA interviews and the right NOT to sign the UKBA Officers notebook. This levelled the playing field and made cross-border shopping a damn sight more safe. We then asked our fellow 'smoking issue campaigners' to publicise this to try and get the message out. We sent e-mails, letters etc but all we got in reply was a deafening silence! Not ONE even had the courtesy to reply. We didn't even ask for anything other than getting the message out, we didn't ask for links back to ourselves or even to accredit it to us. lt wasn't even a campaign ... all it needed a few lines of text to show the law AS IT STANDS! It's already there but people just need to know it! Result? ... SILENCE!

We're talking about the big blogs/websites here that say they are for freedom/liberty/rights etc etc incl smoking issues. We've been told through the grapevine that we frighten them because we may rock the boat and such .... well tough! ... We don't do nice, we do right!

Do you know that we saved one of these sites from putting up an article admitting to smuggling? They took it down quick quick before ASH got hold of it. ASH would've crucified them with it (Yes l'm talking to you, you know who you are).

We are not bitter about these non-responses, just disappointed. There are those that walk the walk and those that don't ... que sera sera

So for us, the internet is done as our primary tool, lt's a good place to come and get information but we have to admit to ourselves that we can't do much more with it, We've reached as many as we can but we want to reach more and give them the means to protect themselves BEFORE they come into contact with the UKBA. For that we have to get out there and outta here

Got to make up some business cards now for our baccy cruise this weekend ...and remember





  1. Go get em! Thanks for everything youve done. Terry

  2. Damn - I'll miss you lot. Please keep the blog up as a valuable resource and maybe even occasionally drop in with a post just to let us all know how you're getting on xxx

  3. NooOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don't go! Say it isn't so?!

    I do however agree that the shameful silence of other blogs means that you've taken this side, this e-side, of things as far as it can go.

  4. It's been brilliant reading about your exploits with the lying UKBA. The advice you have given to everyone will have been appreciated. I for one will miss you

    many thanks for a great site and hopefully hear from you again


  5. "The advice you have given to everyone will have been appreciated."

    It is indeed...in my own case less than 24 hours ago! I was stopped by UKBA last night whilst bringing in the equivalent weight of several new born infants in tubing tobacco.

    Strangely enough for someone who has 'fought the man' all his life I still go to pieces when confronted by uniformed authority.

    If it hadn't have been for SH's schooling over the last year or so I would have lost my tobacco on the spot. But an SOT that the UKBA'ers themselves described as 'comprehensive' and 'correct' and my pulling a video cam out meant that less than ten minutes later i was on my way WITH MY GOODS INTACT and had had an informative and friendly chat. Not only did they not issue me with one of those 'we are letting you through this time' notices but didn't even want to look in my battered bulging old bundeswehr kitbag and would have been happy to take my word or rather my SOT on how much tobacco was in there!

  6. What you've achieved in such a very short time through sheer guts and determination is truly astonishing. You put those other sites to shame.

    l wish you both well.

  7. Well done and thank you for all the hard work and the information that you've shared. And a big 'well done' for helping so many people.

  8. SH and Zaph.

    I wonder if you are worrying to much about the big blogs? As you know, the Bolton Smokers Club is quite new (July 2011). From a very small beginning (a dozen or so views per month), we fair quickly move to a stable few hundred per month to thousands per month in Dec and Jan. (I don't want to give actual figures - mo ammo to the enemy - but the figures I quote above are true)

    You are probably aware that the club has a theme, which is 'grow your own' (seems a reasonable specialisation for a smokers club!). Your specialisation is 'UKBA'. Another worthy specialisation.

    May I make a suggestion? Say now that you are going to take a rest for, say, three months. I can then put a reminder on my computer for, say, 1st May. In the meantime, the information on your site is still there.

    I hate the idea of losing contact having only recently met you in person. If it were not for your site, I would have gone on assuming that my word (that my tobacco is for my own use) would have been sufficient. I didn't realise that their objective is to steal my goods, and that they do not even need an excuse!

    Can I also suggest putting advance notice of any trips you intend on the site?

  9. l had the honour of meeting these guys on one of their baccy cruises. They've got so many results with no funding or backing at all. They do it because they genuinely want to help others not to get ripped off by Customs. The thing is, this is the only site that has been getting tangible results. l agree with SBC that the other sites silence is shameful. Theres no doubt in my mind that we'll hear a lot more from these guys now theyve taken the fight to the streets. Respect.

  10. Pro-choicers are often criticised for being keyboard warriors but you guys have shown how powerful even a keyboard and accurate, useable information can be as well as the personal help you've given to many people.

    Very best wishes and I hope that one day we meet on one of the baccy cruises.


  11. These ain't keyboard warriors for sure. Taking it to the people is a great move. Give the goonies hell bros. Still the best smoking site on the net by far! Kudos

  12. Thanks everyone but just so you completely understand ... the blog is NOT, I repeat NOT closing down, It will remain active as will all downloads. There just won't be as many posts. We'll only post when and if we get something interesting.

    Junican ... we place no importance on the other big blogs whatsoever ... just disappointed that's all. We're still 'here' but now out and about getting the message to the people BEFORE they get stopped by UKBA. The internet can only go so far and we feel we've done that now. We need to go into the REAL world now where people who dont know or use the net are,

  13. Your are a treat and a wonder - and in the history of fighting against the jackboot, someone who has really cared about others and helped tremendously to spread truthful and freedom-saving knowledge around. I am so glad to hear the blog won't disappear and the information still be accessible, with occasional updating as important events take place. The history book is still being written on the current jackbooting era, and your blog will stand as testimony to someone who cared. Getting cards out onto the streets and into the hands of those who can use this blog's excellent resources is a true grassroots method of getting this information more readily known. You could almost write a book using a lot of the information you have already gathered, naming it "Guide for Cross Channel Shoppers" - and if you were really lucky or the tide began to turn against the jackboot, find the ferry boat and terminal gift shops happy to deal in selling it for you. In an ideal world, they would. But in today's era of the jackboot, of course that would still remain verbotten.

  14. Enjoy the rest then, guys!

    What an appropriate catchpa - cophy. Cough, cough.....

  15. SH & Zaphod, you have been an inspiration and wonderful guides through the UKBA minefield. I had the great pleasure of meeting you both not too long ago you are both fabulous people. I do hope you stay in touch. Good luck with the next endevour you take on, leaving the blog will I am sure leave a hole in your lives as it has been such a crusade for you both. One thing is for sure, you will never be forgotten.
    With the greatest of Respect and thanks to you both for all your work

  16. We'll carry on doing what we do. Just not so much chat.

    It was always SH who did the work on here. Not just writing, but keeping up with the other relevant blogs, and answering individual with advice.

    It's very frustrating to be always trying to fight fires. That's why he's been trying to get bigger sites to pass on the general advice.

    They won't. We really don't understand why not. A couple of paragraphs with no reference to us, or simply a recommendation to come here.

    UKBA are conducting an industrial scale rip-off. People are scared of them, but we've shown that you don't need to be. Everyone thinks that if you give them any cheek, it's pants-down, rubber glove time. No. They daren't even look in your pockets! They are terrified of PACE. They don't want to get involved with law, they just want to bluff you into consenting.

    Anyway, we'll definitely let you all know, whenever something interesting happens. And it often does. :-)

  17. l'm pissed off about this. These guys got my baccy back and didn't charge me a penny. N2D have gone after UKBA mercilessly and have shown us how to fight them. l forget how many seizures N2D say happen every year but l thinks its something like 60,000 or more. That other sites wont help to protect innocent shoppers is a fucking disgrace. The worst of them is Forest. Last Nov he was told that his advice for crossborder shoppers was 7 years out of fucking date and so he took it down. He promised to update it but now were in Feb and weve still got fuck all. Smokey wont say it but l will. The site whos ass was saved by him was Forest. He shouldve let them burn! Anyone that thinks Simon Clark is the voice and friend of smokers is a fucking mug.

  18. "They don't want to get involved with law, they just want to bluff you into consenting."

    That was very clear in my conversation with them last night. The words "we need you to" came up a couple of times.

    And thanks to your vids-where you picked them up on that very phrase if I recall aright- I actually heard those words and not the phrase most people would have 'heard' ie "You MUST"

  19. haha!....I'm not fooled!
    You UKBA bastards are posting this article under the guise of our good friends!
    As we speak, Zaph and SH will be locked up in a darkened UKBA interrogation cell...having their fingernails pulled out one by one...but still refusing to talk!
    Stirling effort chaps, and very much appreciated by all.

    Never give up!
    Never surrender!

  20. The problem with these fake champions of liberty is that they hog the limelight from the true campaigners.

    You see them on the MSM but you never the true campaigners. The campaigns by these fake champions are merely a means to raise their own profile. You won't see them linking to us peasants unless we tow the line. Only then can you become part of the clique.

    Simon Clark only represents the people that fund him and those are the Tobacco Companies. He should let someone else represent smokers and stop pretending that he does. Unless this happens, smokers will continue to have no voice of merit at all. For smokers to put their trust and hopes in FOREST is sheer folly.

    Smokers should look at ASH and particularly Arnott. She's totally dedicated and ruthless. Smokers need a leader that is just as dedicated and ruthless. Simon does not even come close to being that. He's smoke without fire.

    N2D have been smoke with a raging furnace. Long may they continue.

  21. I understand your situation, the basic groundwork is done and time could better be spent on more active measures - is that a fair summary?
    But the blog is very helpful in many ways, and the tactics shown here have perhaps wider application than simply UKBA and tobacco.
    I appreciate your work and the blog being left available. But would ask that if possible you keep some involvement to keep it updated and relevent, if possible.
    Maybe a web page would be more accessible as a resource than a blog, many people dismiss blogs?

  22. Are you guys reading the blog? It says that they'll still be updating and posting on the blog but just important stuff from now on!

    Blog isn't closed down or anything, it's still very much alive.

    Release the hounds of hell, SH and Zaphod! Love you 2 guys xxx

  23. Getting the people before they get got by customs is a great idea. Think you're both great at what you're doing. :) xxxxxxxxx

  24. Do us pro-smokers ever have victories? Here N2D hands us victory on a plate and these "names" don't pick it up???? Who's side are these "names" on ffs?

  25. I'm a retired police officer and I appreciate deeply what this blog has achieved in trying to educate people in the right way to deal with the blatant abuse meted out by the UKBA personnel.
    No police officer under my command would have lasted 5 minutes if they'd behaved as UKBA 'officers' do.
    PACE is a two-edged sword, it can be used by the public as much as it is used by the so-called authorities. This blog is correct in all of the assertions it makes. Please use every bit of advice given here.
    I have, and it works wonders against the jumped-up little sods in UKBA.
    I shall continue to refer people to this site for their education. My thanks and gratitude to the authors of this blog.

  26. Your advice is indeed valuable!!

  27. Not only is the advice given here legally sound, more importantly it works. Thanks for a superb site.

  28. Before I discovered this blog, via a friend, I had no idea of this or any related issues.
    I am a ex-smoker (25+ years ago), and I have fallen prey to many of the myths propagated by the anti-smoking brigade, and was perfectly content to vilify smokers in precisely the way the government wanted.
    I also used to drink reasonably heavily, and I was fat. I was about to be one of the underclass, and I thought that all the measures were perfectly reasonable.
    Now, I have this, and a couple of related blogs to thank for opening my eyes, and I have passed on much of this information to friends (some of whom were even interested LOL).
    I have been abroad and bought tobacco as presents for friends, I have explained the UKBA underhand techniques, I have educated people about the meaning of PACE...so don't give up hope guys; the word is being spread further than you think, and you have been the catalyst.
    I'm middle-aged, middle class, from middle (ish) England, and you have proved that it is possible to create far-reaching ripple in a seemingly undisturbed pond.
    Just blog every now and then OK?

  29. These UKBA disgraceful tactics will come to an end. Maybe not today or tomorrow or next week or next month but it will come. Everyday more and more people are having their eyes opened as to what they are doing and taking suitable precautions. lt may seem slow at the moment but the speed will increase. You guys here can take a lot of credit for this when it happens, and it will. We are greatly indebted to you.

  30. Well said about the fibre optic
    army and digital budgies.The dependence on the Web has been a total disaster for any campaign to restore freedom and choice.
    A bit like the early Christians who
    mumbled in the Catacombes and occasionally trooped off to be eaten by lions in the Colloseum.
    We need activities ,actions,events,meetings
    socials,outings not endless parrot sessions
    But ,a big but ,where are the leaders,where are visionaries ,the
    the inspirers.
    It is decision time
    who is in the fight?
    who is out?
    Tempra Fuget

  31. Just like to say a Heart-felt 'Thanks' to You Guys for all You've crafted on the Blog. & Your selfless fight to show people the TRUTH about the UKBA Crooks Tactics!
    I, for One, was ignorant as to the fact that UKBA & their 'Recommended Limits' were NOT THE LAW....Until finding Your Site. Can also confirm that the 'average(?)' Smoker needs to be educated on their RIGHTS Re. buying abroad...just on chats with others aboard P&O etc...
    All the Very Best! Glenn

  32. You've given us the means to protect ourselves from customs bullying. Youre right that theres not much more you can do and now its up to people like me to let others know. ld like to think l do my bit and l hope others do the same. Heartfelt thanks for everything youve done.

  33. This weekend's baccy trip was ace. Zaphod handed out cards to cross border shoppers with their rights on one side and what to do if stopped on the other.

    Smokers outside on the freezing slippery snow covered deck wanted the choice to smoke inside and all believed a compromise could be made. Many said they would write to complain to P&O.

    Those who weren't aware of the internet activism were directed to this site and others and were very pleased to know that they existed - including one woman who said her husband had his baccy taken on a previous trip and then wanted to report the matter as theft when he got home. Both signed the note book, both know not to next time.

    Reaching offline smokers is also my mission on a stroll through London on March 31 which I hope the N2D crew can make too to help spread the word.

    Details will be posted on my blog as soon as I recover from this weekend's fun and baccy shopping in Bruges.

    I hope many of you who post here and on other sites will be able to make it in support.

    If N2D are going into the real world with their message, then we must all do our bit out there too :)

    Vive Le Resistance!

  34. Sorry Patsy but l won't be seeing you in London because my youngest daughter is coming home then. l haven't seen her in almost 2 years so l'll be dropping everything to spend some quality time with her.

    Glad you had a great cruise and thanks for all the support you've given and continue to do so. xxx

  35. thanks from the anons SH


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