Help Fellow Cross-Border Shoppers NOW!

Help your fellow smoker by giving him one of these info cards. Your actions WILL have an effect and it WILL go a long way to stopping the bullying and unscrupulous tactics used by UKBA. Give them to smokers on coach trips incl the driver,the tobacco shops, airports,ferrys, on holiday etc and help make a difference.

You don't have to campaign or anything, just carry them in your wallet/handbag and give them out at your leisure. Already we have Real Tobacco and Freedom 2 Choose onboard but lets do more. Lets show the UKBA we won't stand for their harassment and intimidation any longer. We have rights!

The cards are in 3 formats to suit all needs but am told preference is PDF


Front and back in PDF format

Other formats if req'd (Front and back in JPEG format ......   Front and back in MS Publisher format)

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  1. Very useful info on your website.And this is very very useful to all.
    I lost 90 packs early on this year in january they used blackmail to make me admit i sold 1 packet or they would take the van i travelled in.Held me up for 6 hours in total and then on purpose let me go knowing last train had already gone so had another 3 hour wait with 5 year old daughter and my wife.Then when wed finally go on train we realised they had only returned my passport not my daughters and wifes(only i was interviewed my daughter and wife left in garage).Took them another 75 mins return them holding up the train doing so.We were really popular with other travellers for this.
    I never appealed as i travel a lot and hope dosent bring us too much under attention in future as i wont be bringing any now as ive now quit smoking.
    Good luck to you all

  2. Sked deserves a noose and a long drop .