Personal Use Calculator for Cigs/Tobacco

Some people have difficulty with maths which can cause them problems with the UKBA if they are stopped and questioned. UKBA like to confuse people by asking how much things cost, ask for totals and how long their purchased tobacco will last.Contradictions or mistakes are seen as lying and frequently result in an excuse to confiscate your goods.

With that in mind we've done a little Excel sheet to help. Simply put in the price, amount, how many you smoke a day and how many roll-ups you get from a 50gm pouch and add the price of a 50gm pouch here in the UK and then it will give you the answers. Do exactly the same for the cigarettes chart.

Both the Tobacco and Cigarette Calculator are divided into 2 parts. One is for tobacco/cigs purchased for personal use and the other is for gifts. Remember you  should not receive anything for gifts from people and neither should you buy any tobacco for family or friends even if they give you the money.

You should know the price of your goods before you travel and the amount you are going to buy. So fill it in before you travel and print off.  (Note:- UKBA/HMRC used to use a tactic of saying that tobacco/cigs only had a shelf life of a few months. This is totally untrue, the shelf life of tobacco/cigs is a minimum of 1 Year. UKBA admit that themselves. This is in an FOI from UKBA stating this fact and can be downloaded from here )

Tobacco Personal Use Calculator
Download the Excel chart for Tobacco here or HERE, Just enter the amounts where shown and it will do the rest for you Password is n2d to open it.

LIVE version HERE for those with no Microsoft Office

Cigarettes Personal Use Calculator
Download the  Excel chart for Cigarettes here or HERE  Just enter the amounts where shown and it will do the rest for you. The password is n2d to open it.

LIVE version HERE for those with no Microsoft Office

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  1. Opened both sheets however unable to use calc as READ ONLY.Because I use Open Office? I refuse to pay Microsoft outrageous fees.

    1. IF you save the document to your own ods file you should then be able to open it and edit. Good Luck

  2. Don't know my friend. Password is n2d

  3. Thanks anyway. I tried n2d

  4. Thanks guys - tried this and it worked perfectly.