Fucked myself up big style

Thought l'd call in whilst recuperating. Recuperating from what you say? Well, as the title says, l fucked myself up big style. Cracked my skull, screwed up my chest, my hip is shit ... and as for my mouth? ... l did a real job on that! Vast majority of my teeth were screwed up ... loose and twisted. So much so that the prognosis was that the best option was for them all to come out!

So, that's what l did. To be honest it was a relief as the pain was almost unbearable. Unfortunately the dental work  was put on hold.  It seems having no teeth is not classed as an emergency ... and that's with being Private and not NHS. My dentist is on lockdown and so is the dental lab. Bah!

Food is either liquid or mush but the upside is my liquid intake includes JD :)

I've been on Twitter and still am. lt's ok but being limited to so few characters is frustrating to say the least. Plus, there's so many absolute fruitcakes on Twitter. l always though that giving a voice to the public was a great idea ... l no longer think that!

l then thought of the N2D blog and decided to visit. Damn, it needs some house keeping! ... links are dead as are so many blogs. So bear with me whilst l do some much needed house keeping. My posts will be of a more personal nature and not specifically N2D.

What did please me was the blog was still relevant and still helping people. Another aspect was although the blog is specialised re cross border shopping ... we broke the 3 Million page views (hits are meaningless).

So, hi to all my old blogger friends. l hope l find you well ... stay safe.


Goodbye to our D-Day Veteran :(

Sorry for lack of posts updating the HMRC sham but we've just lost a family member who was very dear to us. He was at D-DAY, 6th June 1944 from day 1. He was a giant of a man and l'm not talking about him being over 6ft. He had integrity, morals and lived to a code of honour that included compassion. He would and did help anyone.

l took him back to Normandy once for the 65th anniversary of D-Day and it remains a wonderful memory. Him and his comrades were a pleasure to be with ... and entertaining too. They all loved to have a pint, smoke and chew the fat. They're all gone now.

As a measure of the man, there is one incident that sticks in my mind. We all have silly fears about something or other whether it be spiders, snakes etc. His was dogs but when he saw a dog drowning in a dock .... he jumped in and saved it!

l could and should write more but can't do it now.

He'll have a full military funeral and deservedly so. l'm going to miss him each and everyday!

Goodbye warrior!

His Legion de Honor

Border Force aka Inspector Clouseau Detective Agency

As you most of you readers will know, I don't post much nowadays as I thought our work was done here. The N2D Forum is still very active but I no longer run it ... very capable members have taken the reins and are doing excellent work.

I've just received documents that have named Nothing 2 Declare in a civil court case (Condemnation Proceedings) brought by Border Force against a European tobacco leaf importer. lt states that a Robert Ibbotson is involved in my website???

WTF?  Border Force really are akin to Inspector Clouseau but not reached even his level of competence. You'd have thought that the Border Force Officer (Jessica Ibbotson) who named us would've at least wrote to me to check her facts but no, she didn't. Not unexpected in all honesty, from experience we expect this sort of thing as the norm nowadays. lt did cross my mind that seeing the surnames were the same that it was some sort of family dispute :)

So, l've wrote to the lawyer dealing with this case at Border Force Cash and Condemnation Legal team. This seems to be her Linkedin profile.

"Dear Nilofar Bawla,

                               l have received documented evidence in your case Director of Border Force v Leszek Marcin Siemiatkowski. Your witness, Jessica Ibbotson of Revenue Fraud Detection Team in Dover, falsely states that Robert Ibbotson is involved in my website Nothing 2 Declare. By doing so she is falsely implicating me in whatever Robert Ibbotson is accused of.

l am not shocked by her statement as l am used to such unsubstantiated supposed evidence from Border Force in the years l have run the website. l have on record lies and downright perjury in court from Border Force. However, l do demand a full retraction from Jessica Ibbotson regarding Robert Ibbotson's involvement with the Nothing 2 Declare website.

For your information, Nothing 2 Declare ran from 1/06/2010 and its last post was 14/12/2015. Posts were very few in 2015 as l'd achieved all l thought l could in regards to Cross Border Shopping and any discussion on this subject passed to the N2D Forum. Even this forum, which l set up, l have very little to do with and is now run by its members.

Robert Ibbotson has NEVER been involved in Nothing 2 Declare or N2D Forum. There may be a comment from him in the comments somewhere but l have no recollection of any and even if they were, the sites are open to public comments. Seeing as Nothing 2 Declare still averages 1000 visits per day and has over 3 Million page views, the comments run into 1000's.

As l said, l only do very little posting nowadays. l only post when something piques my interest. One subject did but only slightly and that was about leaf. Perhaps this came to Jessica's attention (Border Force, HMRC and Solicitors at the Treasury do monitor the site) and she thought she'd tarnish our good standing? Well, this has certainly piqued my interest and l shall now be posting, with her as the subject.

lt amazes me that Jessica's gossip is allowed to be put forward as factual evidence.


I signed it 'SH' because as some of you know, Border Force have taken to signing their letters 'Officer'. 

I intend to really look into this case now. Given how they've tried to implicate this site l fully expect their case to be like a sieve. Certainly has piqued my interest in the tobacco leaf trade.  Interesting Times



Can't find any details of this case so far. Was supposedly in Nov 2016.


It's worth noting here the comments made by judges on a certain Border Force Officer :-

"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasoning. 

Mr Sked may now have competition :)

Honey .... we're HOME!

Been a while ain't it? :) We've been travelling a lot ... l've been in the States for some time in the state of Arizona. Got myself back into motorbikes whilst l was there and have continued to do that now back in UK. Done lots of other stuff too.

We left because we felt we'd done as much as we could and the N2D Forum continues our work. It's now run by friends of ours and they still help cross-border shoppers who have problems with Border Force. We'd particularly like to thank Eezyrider along with the other Mods and regular members for doing such a fine job. They are very knowledgable about all the regs etc and the tactics of Border Force (< who are still not fit for purpose). As always ... all the advice on N2D Forum is free!

So, why are we back? Well, we still receive lots of mail but 99% is handled by the Forum. Amongst this mail has been something that has interested us. lt's not about cross-border shopping ... it's about a Border Force section that call themselves the Revenue Fraud Detection Team (RFDT for short) and abide at Freight Clearance Centre, Lord Warden Square, Western Docks, Dover, Kent.

RFDT look to have gone rogue ... with help from other departments in HMRC and our 'friends' at the National Post Seizure Unit. RFDT live in Ivory Towers and don't like any public intrusion or attention.

So, we thought it's time to do just that and let the public know what these excuses for public servants are up to. Give us a couple of days to clear the cobwebs out the office and we'll show you how they are harassing and destroying legitimate UK Companies just because they deal in raw tobacco leaf.

What crime have these companies committed? ... NONE

What evidence do RFDT have against these companies? ... NONE

OF course you'd think RFDT are abiding by their own rules and regulations ... THINK AGAIN

Watch this space ... we shall reveal all :)

Right, time to clean office

We're Back!!!

Hope you guys all had a good Xmas and New Year. We've been asked to help with a new campaign. This time primarily against HMRC. So, watch this space ... it will be up in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we say this :-