Part 2 Exclusive! Real life UKBA/Customs Stop and Search and Interview

So here is Part 2 (Part 1 here) as promised. There will be Part 3 to Follow
In this video there is reference to the Marlboro Incident and the Doncaster 2010 Incident.




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  1. Whoa! Ice Cold in Alex or what!!! Outbloodystanding! Kudos you guys!

  2. Agree with Markie

    Ice ice baby! Goonies gonna hate ya for this.

  3. Masterclass in dealing with officialdom.Customs are not in control of the situation at all. ln fact, it looks as though they are in unchartered territory judging by their behaviour. Customs come across as being very unsure of themselves to the point of being apologetic throughout. Tell me, did they offer you chairs or did you infringe on their territory on purpose?

  4. I am somewhat shocked and disgusted at the UKBA's behaviour. Seems they are very badly trained...

    ...everyone knows that cappuccino is served with those little amaretto biscuits.

    Dashed poor show.

    Surely she could have found some Rich Tea or Garibaldi?

    The sight of Zaphod sitting like some gargoyle on their counter telling the 'girly' how many sugars...that has to be an all time classic.

  5. @Anonymous13:49,
    Ah, a student of body language! Yes, they offered me a chair but I opted to stay in their space. :-)

    All those guys, and it takes a girly to bring the coffee!
    We don't do "Interviews without coffee". :-)
    She really enjoyed watching her big male colleagues squirm.


  6. Sitting on a chair means them towering over you and looking down on you ... that's not acceptable!

    lnvading their space is!

  7. l reconize two of them goonies coz they stopped me at Donny. right little hitlers they were. what you 2 done to them? lol

  8. How long have I been pestered by
    "Border Guards"
    In earlier days
    East German(DDR)Volkspolizei
    Several times ,about 20-30 minutes

    Communist Poland State Security
    Warsaw and Poznan ,about an hour.

    Red Army Intelligence (Communist Hungary/Austria) Border approx 1 hour

    Syria/Lebanon Border (Hezbholla and Syrian Secret Police(Murabahra)) 30 mnutes

    Iraq/Syria Border )Baath Party
    officials.....1 hour

    Belfast City Airport (Army Chackpoint) 20 minutes

    Sicily(Mafia clampdown) Messina
    ferryport Carabienera 30 minutes

    King Georges VI Ferry terminal
    Hull England 2010 3HOURS 48 MINUTES

    I was tempted to ridicule the
    Comprehensive Educated jobsworths
    but I needed my (((4)))) packs of Amber Leaf
    Asked by one pumpkin why I travelled to Belgium for my Amber Leaf
    I replied
    The Manchester Gangsters only do
    Golden Virginia

    Fight on,liberty will prevail

    The Blue Pimpernel

  9. So when you were outside, they so desperately wanted you to go back inside that they arrested you. Then, when you did go back inside, they kept you waiting for ages. Perhaps you should have said that, since they were not ready, you wanted to go back outside again!

    But it is good to actually see what goes on. I always have a book in my hand-luggage, but I'll make absolutely sure that I have in future. I reckon that it would really annoy them if you just sat down and started reading. Might even galvanise them into action.

  10. Junican, Zaphod was under 'arrest' and waiting for the police that he had requested. UKBA didn't know what to do so eventually l got my UKBA officer to start ... and we'd been enjoying our coffee remember. :) We do go outside again but you'll see that in Part 3 ... except we go out separately then as we wouldn't leave our cigarettes unattended.

  11. love it lads..roll on part 3..spike,s book was a nice

  12. The customs at Dover who seized my 10 cartons cigarettes were as nasty as fuck. At one point one of them was shouting at me. Utter bastards they are. Wish l'd known what l know now cos of you guys. You deserve a medal for what your doing. Respect

  13. SO. just how many UKBA Staff did you actually tie up with this? LOL
    You do realise though that they are going to rip these videos from YouTube and use them for training now?
    In Part one it looked like they were all in a training room with Zaphod being the trainer.
    Absolute class, can't wait for part 3 and it is way more interesting than any HBO, Informative, educational, entertaining. Errr, just a minute, didn't you just fulfill most of the BBC's charter?

  14. We are just a thorn in their side and although we help many, the numbers are minute compared with the overall figures. But we do what we can and until the 'big boys' take these issues up it'll remain that way to a larger degree.

    The message is getting out but it's slow because we have to depend on our readers to spread the word.

  15. I know you guys aren't smugglers and operate 100% within the law but you might be interested in this...

  16. lnteresting article but l'm certain the price differential between Spain and Gibraltar is far more than 3 or 4 Euros per carton so this is probably just payment for 'mules'?

    l can see these cigarettes would be easy to sell to tourists in Spain but bringing them back to UK would be not without risk as these cigarettes would not be EU Duty Paid and thus easy for UKBA to seize.

  17. According to Spew Tube,Part One has reached 1K views already! Go SH and Zaphod!

    ...Although I still think the vid needed a dancing cat in a pink tu-tu.

  18. Yes, quite pleasing along with the 1000+ downloads of the FOI on recording the UKBA. Not forgetting the 43,500+ views of the audio youtube of Zaphod v 4 UKBA Osiffers! ... oh and quarter of a million pageviews and 3000+ comments

    l wonder how many of those are cross-border shoppers who haven't ever been stopped by the UKBA? ...Probably not enough but we do the best we can.

    Saying that, we are coming to the point where we've said almost everything there is to say. We'd still post on important issues but there is not much more we can achieve here m'thinks.

    We'll still answer e-mails and comments but there's too many people out there we are not reaching. lf they don't come here, we'll just have to go to them. :)

    Que sera sera

  19. Can't praise You Blokes enough for what You're doing to educate & help Us!! (& Your timing's superb as I'm off to Belgium for 1st time this week,armed with SoT,digi-recorder & FOI notes!)
    Many,many thanks!

  20. You guys are providing a valuable service- make no mistake about that ! I'm going to Poland next week and will hopefully bring back 5-6K cigarettes. Thanks to you I now have the paperwork to prepare for the UKBA on my return and the knowledge that I can record the 'interview' if necessary. I also have the confidence to challenge any seizure in court as this will be for my personal use.I will post my experience on my return. Please keep up the good work.....we appreciate it !!

  21. Thanks guys, we appreciate your comments.

    We'll continue to fight for aslong as we can.

    However, we are under no illusions and one day UKBA will get us. We've already exposed one conspiracy ... and yes we do mean conspiracy. l had the notes relating to my stop and search at Luton completely falsified.

    They put the wrong brand l brought in, the wrong amount and the wrong brand l smoke ... 1 minute after l left them! lf l hadn't sent in an SAR to find what they hold on me l would've never have known.

    The next time l got stopped and searched and was carrying cigarettes l would've been asked questions relating to the brand l use and purchase. My answers would not have tallied with my previous stop and search! That certainly would've resulted in my goods being seized!

    These falsified notes at Luton were written immediately AFTER l left.

    As luck would have it, the next time l WAS stopped l had nothing. No cigarettes or tobacco.

    This is what we are up against!

  22. They are off course Government liars, Simple as that, In all societies there are some who would do anything for payment
    Like those who loaded to naked bodies of Jewish people from all over Europe into the Hitler gas chambers and the individuals who dropped the zycon B pellet through the hole in the roof into the acid below, and Killed/Murdered thousands at a time.
    What bets some of the present day goonies would not relish a nice easy job like that.
    Sitting about all day and only getting off their asses when victims approached.

  23. George "Sitting about all day and only getting off their asses when victims approached."

    Thats what they do now!

  24. Hi all, we need your help as a true smoking ban warrior is in the mire and facing imprisonmet. See where we have so far raised £711.60 and need to get to £1,250 to ensure this mans freedom. Please post on as many sites as you see fit as we must reach this target by friday afternoon

  25. Is there a transcript of this? I find it just that bit too hard to follow; can't make out around more than half of what's being said, to be honest, although can follow most of what you're saying (not all), and have to 'wind' back so many times it's taken me over 1 1/2 hours to watch this 36 minute vid.
    One problem strikes me; all the talk about how any seizure will be overturned because it was before, and it being illegal to randomly stop'n'search, etc., is surely not any kind of worry to these officers. They get paid by the hour and they don't personally suffer for their misdeeds, beyond possibly a tap on the wrist and "retraining". But ok, that's always the bitch about fighting the system; even if you win the utter bastards you dealt with don't feel a thing.
    All in all, though, sterling work, chaps! I now feel well prepared for my coming trip over the channel - and I only sat down to search for cigarette prices (5 hours ago).
    Cheers from Anona in Crawley


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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