DEATH Cigarettes ... the honest cigarette

Beats the hell out of all the measures and regs ASH and the gov has brought out except it was actually marketing the product! 


  1. LMAO DEATH cigarettes say you'll die but they still have to put on the health warning saying smoking is harmful. What a bloody joke.

  2. Talking of The Grim Reaper
    The Living dead are wondering WHO
    if any are onboard the Valhalla Cruise across the Poison Sea
    (Hull-Zeebrugge)February 4-6th.
    Anyone who can tug themselves away
    from Sainsburys and Match of the day....they are most welcome.
    Heated perches are availble for the
    digital budgies should they for once be able to flee their gilded
    The Rainbow Bridge

  3. I remember 'Death' cigarettes from the late 1970's. My friends thought they were very cool.

    But I think the anti-smoking industry got them banned.

    Nowhere near as cool as the pictures on today's packets though:)


  4. Sorry tony but you must be thinking of something else. Death cigarettes were introduced in 1991, and the company behind them was closed in '99.


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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

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