Scottish Royal Wedding Celebration goes well ... heh heh

So they did as Camerloon said and went ahead and held a party in the park without Police/Council permission. 1000's turned up after seing it advertised on Facebook. They came with an abundance of alcohol, ciggies and the more thoughtful brought  music as well.. As the day progressed fights started to break out between the alcohol fuelled revellers as Scottish tradition demands. The police then arrived to join in stop it. Reaction of the crowd to the police was like when you try and break up a fight between a man and wife ... they then both turn on you.

When it was all over many hours later, the bruised, bloodied and battered particpants staggered and limped (some carried or dragged) their way home. The general consensus of opinion was "  What a fucking great day!" << (English translation)

h/t Richard , story here


  1. LMAO

    wonder how many Bravehearts were there?

  2. Funny how the polis were able to rustle up horses at a moments notice....

  3. Reminds me of the lrish. They come back from the Celtic and Rangers footie on the ferry. All is calm till they hit Bay of Belfast and then they start scrapping.

  4. Ha ha ha ha that's great!

  5. It's hardly a wedding without a punch up.

  6. Hi SH I have just written you an email and you may find this interesting.

    Dave Atherton

  7. I second that!

    " may find this interesting", he says!

    Dynamite, Dave. I look forward to quoting from that, next time I'm pulled. :-)

  8. Ahm just sorry I missed it...reminder to self join facebook....nah!

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