Help Fellow Cross-Border Shoppers NOW! **Updated**


Thanks for the response, keep it up peeps. I have noticed some of you are only downloading the front, you need the back too.
You print the front on a sheet of A4 and then turn that round and put it back in the printer and then print the back. Then you'll end up with cards printed on both of the sides. The back is very important as it tells people what to do if stopped and interviewed. Printing these is easy-peasy, I can do it and I'm a blonde!

Justine xxx


l know we all get hit with appeals for petitions etc almost on a daily basis. Most of them are a complete waste of time and effort and don't make a blind bit of difference. Now l'm going to appeal for YOUR help AND make a difference!

However, this appeal IS different. The effect is immediate and then you've taken away the UKBA's 2 primary tools they use to unjustly seize shoppers tobacco and stops them using intimidation/harassment etc and using the notebook as YOUR signed 'confession'. You CAN make a differnce!

The vast majority of cross-border shoppers are oblivious to their rights and the tactics of UKBA until it's too late! l'm asking you to help stop this. All we want is a level playing field where shoppers are treated fairly and justly. lt sure as hell isn't happening now! Everyday another 200 or so people are losing their goods, many not because they are smugglers but because of bullying and unscrupulous tactics used by UKBA Ofiicers. Not all UKBA Officers are like this but many are ... Officer Alistair Graham Fields for one, in our honest opinion.

All you have to do is print off these information cards. They don't say everything but they give the basics that will stop the UKBA in it's tracks. One A4 sheet holds 10 cards ... that's 10 people you can help.

And l do mean YOU because  no-one else is stepping up to the plate to help right this shameful wrong that goes on at our borders 24/7. No-one cares because we are smokers, well WE care and l hope YOU care.

Just put these info cards in your wallet or handbag and when you are on holiday, a baccy trip etc just hand them out to a fellow cross-border shopper. They are easy to spot ... they're smoking cigarettes! You've then done something positive that you can be proud of ... and it makes you feel good. You've made a difference!

The cards are in 3 formats to suit all needs but am told preference is PDF


Front and back in PDF format

Other formats if req'd
(Front and back in JPEG format ......   Front and back in MS Publisher format)

Just click on highlighted format you prefer for downlaod. Print on A4 on both sides. Card is better than ordinary paper but in the end it's the info that counts.

Let's help our fellow smoker!

Come on folks, the keyboard has it's place but it isn't the answer. Get the message out into the real world and help your fellow cross-border shopper. They'll thank you for it (UKBA won't though)


  1. Done! l'm away next week so will print off a few. Great idea SH

  2. I could have really used these cards the other day on the ferry. Ended up 'schooling' someone verbally -"Always video, never sign" and giving him a copy of my SOT to copy/edit.

  3. Well done. I shall take some of these with me next time I go in April. Keep up the good work.

  4. Brilliant and simple. I travel regularly between Greece and the UK and will from now on always take a stack of these with me.
    Thank you.

  5. Off to Majorca in March. Will take some with me.

  6. That's the spirit! Saving ordinary folks from having their baccy and cars nicked has to feel good. People Power!

  7. Just thought that I would mention that I intend to print some off, but I do not go away until March. There may be others in the like mind.

  8. will be printing some off, for when i go away in march,i feel so strongly about our rights,we all should pull together and stop this bullying ITS OUR RIGHTS!!!!!!

  9. Have found the more co-operative you are the less hassle they give you. We're quite savvy anyway and UKBA can be quite arsey and hold you for some time if you come the "I know my rights" thing.

  10. @Val,
    My experience is definitely the opposite. Many years ago, I used to be amiable and cooperative with Customs. I trusted them. I had my cigs seized three times out of six stops. (Won them back eventually on appeal though.)

    Then I got wise. No more Mr Nice Guy. Since then I have taken the initiative immediately at every stop. Seven more stops, and not a single seizure.

    Never fall for the friendly routine. Not if you're over their "guidelines". They will be friendly back, it makes their job easier. Friendly, right up to the point where they say, "We're going to seize your goods."

    Since then I've heard a helluva lot of stories which confirm that Customs are NOT to be trusted an inch. There are some reasonable ones, just people with a job, but don't count on it. It's not worth the risk.

  11. Im confused, where you said there is NO LIMIT to what you can bring back i thought tobacco was 1kg and cigs 800 etc?

    1. Freddie, you are simply not inderstanding what guidelines are. The UKBA have guidelines of 1kg and 800 cigarettes, like the guidelines for how many alcohol units you should consume a week, how many calories, how much salt etc etc. They are ALL GUIDELINES and NOT LIMITS.

      There is NO LIMIT as to how much tobacco/cigarettes you can bring back from the EU for personal use and gifts.


  12. If we don't abide by their 'guidelines' when travelling with a coach company, can they seize the coach too?

    1. lt would be fun if they tried to take ours! We actually want them to try such a thing on us ... l don't think they'll be prepared for the consequences!

  13. went to belguim 25/08/2012 six of us bought 3kg of tobacco five of us lost our purchase we all maintained for 3 hours it was for our personal use and for gifts but to no avail all in all about 20 passengers were held and about nine of us had our goods seized no matter what we said or shown ukba they said we know you are selling for commercial use, three of us were detained and interegated for so long the coach left us at calais we normaly travel every three months but no more.

    1. l refuse to let them intimidate me and will never stop going. lt's become at matter of principle. Did you record the interview and sign their notebook? Where was it you were stopped?

    2. no i refused to sign his notebook,but he told us we had to sign the paperwork, ie seizure of goods and i do not use a phone or other device i did not record, however i felt i was in my rights and so did everyone else but there was clear 3kg of tobacco was about a years use and was addament that we were selling i also found that the coach driver was somewhat involved when we entered the euro tunnel complex as he cheked our bags at de panne.

    3. Join our forum my friend. Others should hear of this,

    4. to smoking hot i am a bit reluctant to enter the forum but you are quite welcome to repeat this on my behave.

  14. Well done you guys, I am not a smuggler and do not intend to be.

    I found this blog purely by accident when looking at duty free prices and realised that there was no such thing as 'duty free' in the EU. (Now there was a lesson learned.)

    However duty paid goods in the EU for personal use was another thing, how happy I am that I found this site. I would have been going into the lions den with my eyes 'wide shut'.

    I am not planning on any purchases until later this year but I will be going well armed thanks to the people on this site.

    There comes a time when every law abiding person will say enough is enough, and I for one will not pay governments my taxes to be abused by the very people who are there to protect me.

    Humanity does exist.

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... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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