Simple .. Simon Says (Treasury Solicitor's Dept) on behalf of Border Force

Well, not quite so simple, eh Simon? lt should have been though, shouldn't it? l mean, how hard can it be to contact us? ... at the top of our home page is a little box that says 'Contact Us' ... Simples!

Except not for you ... you send it to everyman and his dog except us! You even send it to people who have no connection with us whatsoever! We eventually get it (albeit redacted) from a 3rd party through our virtual postbox (note;- they must've used our 'Contact Us').

The best laid schemes of mice and men, eh Simon? We were aware of the attempt to set us up ... see here. l see no need to repeat ourselves nor do we see yourselves as the perpetrators. You were no doubt merely used as pawns in our opinion. Recently Humberside Police were also well and truly used as pawns in our opinion too ... see here  Coincidence? ... l think not.

Shouldn't someone be looking at Hull UKBF? Your time and expense has been wasted along with the cost of Humberside Police's Hollywood farce. Apart from ourselves there's also the not so little matter of harassment and intimidation of a five and half month pregnant mother and her 4 children aged 7,5,3 and 1 and their disabled grandmother. Did you know Officer Fields was based at Hull? ... this is the officer we named in this post. This is the officer that presented a sheet of A4 paper printed in big font as factual evidence ... except it wasn't. When questioned by the judge as to where he got it from he ummed and ahhed and couldn't remember! The judge had threatened Mr and Mrs Donny with a charge of perjury if their evidence was found to be false ... why not Fields? There again we think we all know the answer to that don't we?

lnterestingly, we recently got a polite request for a favour to remove reference to someone else involved in the prosecution case. We wonder why?

Finally, we do love the bit you wrote about that we will be monitored. ... will be? ... we've been monitored for years! We know that for a fact because the then UKBA Legal Dept told our solicitors that 2 years ago!

Who's monitoring Hull UKBF, Simon?


  1. How strange! Never, ever have I seen an official letter signed with only the signatory's first name. Simon should have ended his letter with: "Have a nice day, y'all!"
    A little question comes into my mind: is it OK for these people to make threats?

    1. They've been redacted out Junican by the 3rd party that e-mailed us it. l've asked for the unedited version but we'll see. We've gone past threats and are now in the realms of harassment/intimidation.

  2. Well well SH join the club. Whats the betting that the field mouse wont be so alarmed and pained and his partner so terrified they have to move home, oh yes and time off work to recover from the stress of being exposed, Removal costs and sick pay all at taxpayers expense.

    Seems to me if these people are so timid, sneeky contankerous beasties they should be employed behind the front line, Lavatory cleaners is an honourable profession, Writing skills or honesty not always necessary..

    I always put my name to my freedom of expression comments

    1. I wonder what happened to the lovely Jessica DaCosta who wrote such a nice letter to me from all the way down in London.
      At least she had good manars to sign oy in a business fashion.
      Are they having a laugh SH??
      If Scotland vote YES, What then for letters from LONDON.


    2. We suspect that the comments were planted and then this Simon and his crew were contacted about them. The post was over 18 months old and no new comments were posted until these planted ones arrived. lt all points to Hull UKBF in our opinion.

    3. W.C. Fields perhaps??

    4. Nice one!

      "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it".

  3. Dear Smoking Hot

    This is just another example of how corrupt our government has become. Doubtless Simon is paid handsomely from the taxpayers' purse for his employment and pension.

    The slogans are just a sad joke: 'Law at the heart of government' and 'Positive about disabled people' - so that's alright then. They are investors in people too. Seems they get a pretty poor return on their investment if the best they can come up with is this farce.

    UKBF does not actually exist - they call themselves Border Force - at least until those awfully nice people in the EU stick EU in front:

    Their 'Priorities' about half way down, continue the government by slogan meme. I wonder who their 'customers' are. Plainly not the British taxpaying travellers.

    News published yesterday (Friday):

    "The Rules

    Travelling within the EU

    You can bring an unlimited amount of most goods into the UK, for example, you can bring in any alcohol, tobacco, meat and dairy products – as long as they are for your own use and transported by you. ‘Own use’ means for your own consumption or gifts.

    Let's hope their people invest a little time in understanding the word 'unlimited'.

    Monday is the 6th anniversary of the smoking ban - National Smoking Day. I'll be lighting up one of my three a year ...


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