Lest We Forget

Normandy veterans attend a remembrance and wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the start of the D-Day landings at Bayeux War Cemetery today

Across Normandy, several hundred of the surviving veterans of the Normandy campaign are gathering to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings 

The man top pic, top right hand side and in the bottom pic, top middle (smiling) is called Nick ... although Mum calls him a lot of other other names too! They argue like cat and dog sometimes but they mean the world to each other really. Mum sometimes goes but as she doesn't drink and all the old boys do, you can understand why she doesn't go every year. Personally l think she likes the opportunity of having the house to herself and watching her own TV progs ... instead of Sky Sport!

God bless them all

Normandy ... Know Where You Stand

Hi Katy xxx


  1. This brought back happy memories as my dad always went but sadly passed away 3 years ago. Your mother reminds me of mine,lol. Thx for posting.

  2. All and sundry seem to be referred to as heroes these days.
    Those pictures are of true heroes.

  3. Pop over to LadyRaven's place, some great posts there.

  4. Was with the 22nd at Utah Beach. God willing, l hope to make it to the 70th anniversary next year and have a few drinks with comrades.

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