Another Exclusive! Audio of UKBA stop and denial of entry to UK of British citizens!

This audio is about being detained for approx 2 hrs by UKBA with help from uniformed Police. At no time was any legal justifiable reason given. ln fact during the whole 2hr episode UKBA only showed their faces for just 2 small periods of 3.32 mins and 3.26 mins. During all this time they never gave any legal justifiable reason to the 2 uniformed policemen as to why they should legally detain. This is despite the UKBA's own force. operations manual where it states:-

"REASONS for requesting assistance should be CLEARLY stated to the officers of the other agency to allow them the opportunity to consider whether there is JUSTIFIABLE CAUSE for exercising any of their own powers"

These policemen became very uncomfortable and unsure of the position they were put in by UKBA. Note at 20.11 in the audio the policeman says he has no idea of what he would use to carry out an arrest. At  31.04 one of the 2 policemen asks his collegaue to get the UKBA officer back.

One has to feel for them as they were being blatantly used by UKBA who had no regard for the position they had put the policemen in. As it was obvious that they were in a somewhat tricky situation, no attempt was made to make their position worse. The enemy was the UKBA so a non-aggressive approach (either verbal or otherwise) was decided upon in regards to dealing with the policemen.

Remember also that entry was denied to the UK to British citizens who had proof of citizenship and identity. This violates the 1971 Immigration Act where it states :-

General principles.
(1) All those who are in this Act expressed to have the right of abode in the United Kingdom shall be free to live in, and to come and go into and from, the United Kingdom without let or hindrance except such as may be required under and in accordance with this Act to enable their right to be established or as may be otherwise lawfully imposed on any person.

[F1 2.
Statement of right of abode in United Kingdom.
(1) A person is under this Act to have the right of abode in the United Kingdom if
he is a British citizen; or"
One should also note that the UKBA officer asked to look into the baggage despite still detaining British citizens and not yet allowing them entry into the UK and consequent baggage retrieval area where once passengers have collected their baggage and then make the decision through which Customs channel to proceed. The baggage was later brought into the no-mans area at approx 30.40 in the audio but ofcourse not yet through any Customs channels.

Note refusal of a glass of water!

The Recording
Done the best l can do with it. lt starts very scratchy but that disappears quickly. You have to remember that these recordings are done in an hostile enviroment and the recorders are hidden. We will get better so please give us some slack. For those not that interested in the general but still very relevant content, the UKBA officer is at 9.53 and the ending is at 31.22. An amazing ending if l may say so myself.
The whole recording has been edited down from 2hrs to 34.48 mins. The 2 silent periods are to break the recording down to 3 distinct parts.

Finally, there are written complaints that have been delivered to UKBA, Police and the Airport regarding this incident that are on going. Oh, and l haven't forgot about Part 3 of the previous recording. lt's just that this one is much more interesting. Part 3 of the other is an audio account of the UKBA interrogation and is very long ... hence lots of work.
Remember folks ....... Do Not Consent!

Viva la Resistance!


  1. F'ing brilliant. What an absolute UKBA cnut. l feel for the police involved and l dont often say that!

    F'ing great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You are doing sterling work SH, keep up the pressure and let us know how it all goes. We all need to know how to implement our rights!

    dropping you a linky as an xmas pressie! have a good one.

  3. This is a true eye-opener and shows that the UKBA either don't know what they're doing or are deliberately targetting people and merely holding them to inconvenience them as much as possible. It's also despicable that they 'use' two police officers for two hours to detain these guys. Surely it can't take that long to make checks on a UK passport? I think it is a total abuse of power and possibly unlawful detention as I don't think that police are acting in their duty in this instance but merely as 'agents' of the UKBA. There has to be grounds for detention and arrest and in this case there aren't any! It's not sufficient to fall back on the threat of arrest for 'obstructing police in the execution of their duty'.


  4. A passport does not even have to be valid for a British National to gain entry to UK. It is only a means of identification and that's all you need. You can even gain entry by no identification on you at all as a British National.

    l believe these are the relevant directives:-

    British Passengers
    Passengers who arrive at the control claiming to be British Citizens but are unable to
    produce a valid passport, will be asked to complete a LS01 form before enquires are
    made to verify the claim.

    EU/EEA Passengers
    Passengers who arrive without a travel document must be given a “reasonable
    opportunity” to demonstrate their identity and nationality (EEA Regs. 2006 Article

    What this UKBA officer did is an absolute disgrace.

    Anthony (PC)

  5. Sir, l commend your patience and attitude towards the police officers. This UKBA official should face charges of gross misconduct of duty. His actions were utterly disgraceful.

  6. SH, problem you have is mic picking up movement of clothes etc. l'll e-mail you and give you some answers to it. lf your recorders are good ones l've got some equipment lying around that you can have. Call it a Xmas prezzie for a damn good piece of undercover work.

    lf anyone knows of any journos they should direct them to this blog!

    Kudos SH

  7. Bodacious Dudes! An excellent adventure!

  8. Zaphod deserves the laurels. Thanks SFX, that's great ... love the idea. Thanks to rest of you too.

  9. No worries SH. Who was the gentleman that plod was talking about?

  10. Most of the UKBA are like this and especially at Dover. Robbing, arrogant, devious, jumped up little Hitlers. Bastards!

    Should say all of them are cos anyone with any decency would quit.

  11. SFX, the 'gentleman' referred to in the clip was a young Polish lad arrested because of alleged smoking in the toilets on the plane. The pilot announced it was very serious because he could've set the plane on fire!

    See, pilots can be stupid too.

  12. You have to be careful though,(dont get me wrong i think what you are doing is great)a few years ago i got prosecuted, got 100 com service and £250 costs for smuggling.
    Thing is i pleaded not guilty all the way to a crown court trial or they did me for was 150 packs hrt and 25 cartons cigs.I had 4 previous seizures, i was never cought selling them ever, pleaded they were for myself and family, all seizures from an eu country,
    Thing is i was with my GF and the barrasters on the day of trial put the fear of god to her, and i got black mailed by saying if i plead guilty they would drop the charges on her, so i did!!
    Since then i havnt had too much hassle from UKBA (only cos they never got me again) apart from a trip from Luxembourge to Stansted where the UKBA thief took a pityfull 3kg of domingo from me.
    I wish i was as clued up as you guys, prob would be £1,000s better off now.
    Hi 5!!
    Merry Christmas and a wealthy new year.

  13. Looks like you're playing a different game to Zaphod, Dirty :-)

  14. Ha ha, so whilst you had tied up the 2 Customs staff the rest of the passengers went through unmolested cos Customs was unstaffed. Were any of your customers amongst them? Classic!!!!!!!!

  15. Well of course you probably weren't being detained under the Immigration Act but under Section 78 of CEMA. But don't let that get in the way of a good moan...

  16. Anon 16.26 ... no-one said detained under the Immigration Act muppet! What was said was violation of said Act.

    You have to be one of the UKBA idiots!

  17. Typical UKBA twat SH, doesn't know his arse from his elbow.

  18. UKBA always spout, "Section 78 of CEMA", like it's a magic phrase. I've never met one who has read it, let alone understood it. Like Traffic Wardens and Vogons, UKBA drones are not selected for intelligence.

  19. Typical UKBA on duty at Dover Docks Tuesday 01/02/2011. Coach I was on was pulled over, UKBA announced take all your possessions with you and wait at Carousel 2 for any belongings you have in sorage area on coach, I had nothing, so proceeded to exit to be met by four UKBA's, to be told go back to carousel, I explained what was announced, to be told go back and wait, after about 25 mins carousel started up and people were called forward, some were being taken to interviewing area, I was asked what have you got in your bag, I showed him 200 fags, he just said away you go, when I asked for an explanation as to why I had been delayed, just stated rules and regulations. when I said are you going to write down what I have got, he said no, altogether the coach was delayed some 75 mins, yet the other four coaches on the same ferry went straight through.

  20. It does not surprise me in the slightest Anon 10.46. They have become a law unto themselves and no regard for the actual law whatsoever. What you went through was outlawed in the High Court re Hoverspeed v Andrews case but they continue doing it regardless. lntegrity and honesty mean absolutely nothing to them.

  21. SH - This quite illegal detention by UKBA is nothing more than petty minded vindictiveness on their behalf.

    Why? because you have brought successful actions against them in the past.

    This spiteful crap is nothing more than that!


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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