A Little Help From Your Friends ... for Baccy Mini-Cruise Part 2

As promised in Part 1 here's the Excel chart for cigarettes the other one in Part 1 being for tobacco. Just enter the amounts where shown and it will do the rest for you. The password is the same as before n2d


  1. Slightly off-topic, but does anybody know the score regarding buying HRT in Bulgaria/Romania? I'll be going there around Easter (still a while away, I know), not sure of the destination yet (Sofia, Bucharest or Varna) and have heard a lot of stories of fake HRT being sold, but if anyone has any details for tobacco warehouse-style shopping there, prices, availability of UK brands (GV and Amber Leaf especially) it would be appreciated.
    At least four of us going, probably looking to get a full year's worth of baccy at prices which are (I believe) well below even Belgium, plus some gifts - could well be looking at 150+ sleeves plus tailor-mades, and a merry time with customs on the way back!

  2. Duncan ... GV is available in Bulgaria but couldn't say about Amber Leaf. Price was 100 leva for 50gm which is approx 5 Euros.

    As far as l am aware there is no warehouse style shopping just supermarkets.

  3. Ah, thanks for that. I though HRT prices in the Blakans would be considerably lower, but 5 Euros is pretty much on a par with Belgium. Might just organise a long weekend in Germany (mainly so I can practice my Deutsch, sadly neglected recently)and nip over the Bruges and my regular shop, where I know I can pre-book just about any quantity of HRT.
    Unless anyone knows of anywhere in the EU which is distincly cheaper for HRT, UK brands are available, and pre-bookable? Then it may well be worth making a week's holiday out of it, and bring back 12-months supply each (with gifts, probably 30kg each).

  4. No problem Duncan. Strange how cigarettes in Balkans are cheapest in EU. Only cost a third of what they do in UK but price is not reflected in HRT. Belgium is opposite way round. :)

  5. O well, I'll just wait patiently until the Euro collapses completely and the pound sterling can buy crates of GV on the continent for next to nothing (I may have to wait for a day or two, as I'll be too busy celebrating, laughing and saying 'told-you-so' at first).
    Tried looking at a few shops in Poland and Estonia, but same story - ciggies are dirt cheap, HRT only about 10p a pouch less than Belgium.


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