If You Help Cross-Border Shoppers You WILL Be Harassed

This from the owner of Daytripper who does not smoke and never buys tobacco or cigarettes.

"6th Oct 2011 - UKBA hard at it again monitoring UK citizens (9/14 times now!)

Oh dear, stopped again! As usual, the UKBA Officer looked down at his list and this law abiding UK citizens is stopped again. "Congratulations" I say, "this is 9 out of 14 times I have been stopped, why is my name on a list of people to be monitored?"

The UKBA official responded that it was not a stop, he was just having a chat. Amazing - HE STOOD IN FRONT OF MY CAR WITH HIS HAND UP.

I am asked where I have been, what for and how long. I reply I am a journalist working, but why should I have to do this 2/3's of the time I travel? 

This is in itself worrying as they know exactly when I left and returned. Why then the need to question me?

He then asked me why it was a problem, so I said "I am British not an East German, there is no need to monitor my movements". His response? "I have the power to take you into the sheds". This is the standard intimidation they employ. I would prefer to argue my case, but I'm British and being monitored by the misnamed UKBA ("Energetically using the UKBorder as the point at which UK citizens are controlled) is scary enough.

So, you don't need to be a criminal, engaged in criminal activity or have done anything wrong, these bullies have the power to scare you should you question why you have been stopped.

I replied " I know what that means" and drove off.

It is worth reminding people that had I not stopped, the cats claws (an immobilisng device) woud have come up and I would be prosecuted for ... not stopping.

People should also know that I do not smoke, do not buy and have never bought tobacco of any kind. And so what is it I did that excites the UKBA? How can it be criminal to shop where it is cheapest. My only "crime" is either crossing my own countries borders, or as I increasingly suspect, because they have more in common with Banana Republic officialdom that professional Civil Servants (being civil and serving the taxpayer), and like to use and abuse their powers to intimidate and control perfectly law abiding citizens who question their behaviour

Interestingly, despite a very high volume of lorries this evening, the lorry sheds were empty. Stopping drugs, counterfeit goods and looking for explosives? No, it's shoppers they clearly exist to control."


  1. O/T Are we all set for the cruise this weekend?

  2. Oh yes Sirree ... we are already prepared. See you onboard. :)

  3. Just call or text this number once you are onboard 07586334281


  4. No disrespect to the boss of daytripper but he's part of the problem. lf you don't stand up to these twats they'll just keep on doing it. The twat who stopped him was a right clever bastard who needs takin down a peg or two.

  5. "The UKBA official responded that it was not a stop, he was just having a chat"

    This is exactly the reason SH & I FOI them up to the eyeballs. It's the same thing with the A-J -not a PACE interview but a 'chat'.

    The Officer KNOWS that to STOP you he needs a reasonable suspicion and so his putting his hand up and standing infront of your car isn't 'stopping' you rather its an invitation to chat, he is merely signalling to you that he wishes you to 'wait', so he can talk to you.

    So does that mean you can simply ignore him and drive on...well yes but by not 'waiting' to talk to him you would give him reasonable grounds to stop you! If they can't get you one way then the other. Aside from the fact that to continue driving would mean running him down and that is...unfortunately..still illegal in this country.

  6. edit "SH, I and many others here FOI them up to the eyeballs"

  7. You never see a Panorama about the abuses of UKBA though do you? Unfortunately.
    Have a great trip this weekend, wish I could be with you but looks like I have to work 8-(

  8. difference is SBC you and SH would use the FOI against this twat and the vid would be on youtube by now!Wish they'd try that with us but they've always left the MC alone! Can't think why lol

  9. Prop, Daytripper is so not a twat (infact he personally was instrumental in getting the MIL raised back then I believe). Although as a journo he should really know to use a hidden vid cam.

  10. Prop, SORRY I misread your post! Damn you English Language. Your 'twat' referred to the UKBA nto Daytripper.

    My bad, dude.

  11. yeah he's did us proud with that SBC.

  12. A man riding a bicycle was stopped crossing the Canadian border, coming in from the states. The border patrol asked him what he was smuggling and the man said not a thing, and so he let the man pass.

    Next week, he did it again. The next week again, and the week after that and so on, for a year.

    The guard got suspicious and began pulling the man over, searching inside the handle-bars, under the seat, around the rims, looking for something that the man might be smuggling - but he always found not a thing - no diamonds, no booze, no drugs, no tobacco.

    Ten years this went on. Then one day the man on the bicycle told the border guard it would be his final trip as he was now an old man and ready to retire.

    The border guard begged him to let him know what he'd been smuggling and how'd he get away with it, all these years, that he'd not make an arrest but the tension of not knowing after a decade was too much to bear.

    The man looked at the border guard and smiled, shook his hand, crossed over and off he went.

    He turned and yelled back to the border guard, "Bicycles! I've been smuggling bicycles!"

    And off he went, into retirement.

  13. The owner of Daytripper depends on the ads from such as the ferry companies and tobacco shops. These are in turn threatened and intimidated by the UKBA. This being the case, the owner has to be wary of how his actions can effect his business and livelihood.

    You'd expect such as P&O to try and protect their customers. Sadly this is not the case. The likes of Hoverspeed are no longer around.

    Myself and Zaphod have no such restraints :)

  14. "I have the power to take you into the sheds"

    Oo er, matron. Threats of sexual harassment now!


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