Remember That Girl You Had The Hots For?

... but she didn't for you! The pains of youth, eh? :)


  1. Ah yes the unrequited lust of youth. Never happened to me :)

    I turned 16, dropped from a 44" waist to a 32", took up martial arts and alcoholism-becoming the ivory coloured Sex God that I still am today.

    So there never was a girl i didn't 'get' cos i was, and am, divinely irresistible to all females.

    Sexier than Zodiac Mindwarp (remember him? He only sang about his dick I think) even.

    and I'm so modest with it too :)

    "You want some news,baby? I got the girlfriends tell me I've got more than enough-that I'm sexy than.."

  2. I liked that very much, good start to the weekend.

  3. I think this is a different look up. and attractive smile pose.This is looking hot and sexy without open any body part. That Girl The Hots for me.

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  4. Escorts are expensive but cheaper than wives!

  5. RIGHT we need this one PARAPHRASED real quick for this weekend so if any of us get stopped, at the shout...NOW BOYS & GIRLS, one, two, three...we all burst into song and co-ordinated dance routines singing at the tops of our voices

    Yes we really know the law
    and youre such a bore
    yer boss too ooo

    I guess the change left from taxes just wasn't enough
    You want it ALL but FUCK YOU!
    the stasi stae too ooo

    I said
    If I was Richer
    ahd bring more in ta!
    Ha! now aint that some shit!

    and though youre a pain in my arse
    with your rubber gloved farce
    Have a FUCK YOOOUUU!
    and him too ooo

    Im sorry cant afford a Ferrari
    for you to confiscate and share
    I guess this suitcase and my trolley
    will to be have reclaimed by I don't care

    I pity you FOOHOOL
    cause you don't know the rules
    (oh shit 'member Hoverspeed)
    (too hard for an inbreed)

    OOOOOOoooooo ahve got some news fer you
    Yeah go and run an tell yer little supervisor

    If you really knew the law
    You'd let me walk out the door
    and duty too ooo

    I guess the tax on the petrol
    wasnt enough, I'm like
    and her too ooo

    I said if I was richer
    I'd have brought more in ta
    Ha! now aint that some shit?
    (aint that some shit?)

    and though theres a pain in my arse
    from your rubber gloved farce
    Have a FUCK YOOOUU
    yer ugly m8 tooo ooo

    No ah don't, have to borrow
    beg or steal or lie or cheat
    to buy ma personal, own use goodies
    cause over in the EU its all cheap

    I pity you FOOHOOOL
    cause you enforce bad rules
    (oops make that lie bigger)
    (just all for show , go figure)
    ahve got some news for you
    AWWmmhh I really hate your ass right now

    So leave ma stuff alone
    you mind controlled clone and
    ya monkey friend too ooo

    All the cash in the world
    just won't be enough
    I'm like FUCK YOOOUUU
    yer stasi state tooo ooo

    If I was richer
    ahd have brought more in ta
    HA! now aint that some shit?
    (aint that some shit?)

    and there'll be a lien on your ass
    for that rubber gloved farce
    yer employer tooo ooo

    Now baby, baby, baby
    why d'you wanna hurt me so bad
    (so bad so bad so bad)
    It wasn't me that shagged yer mama
    my eyesight was never that bad
    (that bad, that bad, that bad)
    like UH!
    ahd be cra-aaazy!

    I hate you
    Oh I still hate you

    If you ever learn the law
    You will walk out the door and say wi'us FUCK YOOOUUU
    yer job tooo ooo

    and then the change in your thinking
    might be enough
    to say FUCK YOOOUUU
    yer rubber gloves tooo ooo

    Said if I was richer
    ahd have brought more in ta!
    HA now aint that some shit
    (aint that some shit)

    And though theres still pain in my arse
    I think it will pass when ah
    yer friends tooo ooo

    Who is up fer sortin the choreography then?

  6. Cee Lo Green.

    Every time I hear that tune, I think of this version.

    Better looking than Cee Lo by far.


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