A Little Help From Your Friends ... for Baccy Mini-Cruise

Some people have difficulty with maths which can cause them problems with the UKBA if they are stopped and questioned. UKBA like to confuse people by asking how much things cost, ask for totals and how long their purchased tobacco will last.Contradictions or mistakes are seen as lying and frequently result in an excuse to confiscate your goods.

With that in mind we've done a little Excel sheet to help. Simply put in the price, amount, how many you smoke a day and how many roll-ups you get from a 50gm pouch and add the price of a 50gm pouch here in the UK and then it will give you the answers.

lt's divided into 2 parts. One is for tobacco purchased for personal use and the other is for gifts. Remember you  should not receive anything for gifts from people and neither should you buy any tobacco for family or friends even if they give you the money.

You should know the price of your goods before you travel and the amount you are going to buy. So fill it in before you travel and print off. We'll do one for cigarettes shortly.

Download the Excel doc from here, password is n2d to open it.


  1. "Remember you should not receive anything for gifts from people and neither should you buy any tobacco for family or friends even if they give you the money."

    Not only that. "Commerciality" is a somewhat tricky concept. It covers ANY kind of recompense -tangible or not.

    An example might illustrate better:

    Shopper: "and this 1kg is a present for my mate Paul"

    UKBA Officer: "Your mate is a smoker? How long have you known him?"

    Shopper(not having read SH's advice): "Oh years, he's a mechanic and does my car for me"

    UKBA Officer: "enjoy your walk home, sir"

    Ok, that's an extreme example but hopefully you get the point. Giving tobacco to someone MUST be a total gift-with absolutely nothing except their gratitude in return.

    No using it as a prize in the Church Raffle, No offering free booze to your customers in your restaurant.

    I was going to write a full article about this entitled "She said she would wear the flying helmet tonight if I brought her back some tobacco"

  2. Thanks it works great. l'm crap with maths lol

  3. I wanna see the 'flying helmet' piece, linky please!
    Thank you kindly for this by the by!
    Oh and I have just recieved a call from...(was it really) P&O asking if I wanted to book a meal etc. and transfers to brugge, all of which I declined!, just wondering if the UKBATWATS are undercovering or though I and my address did not exist!
    There is transport available into brugge is there not?
    Looking forward to seeing you all soon, ;-)

  4. OOO almost forgot on return trip do you routinely de-box the packs into a suitcase or not and do you know where to get those cage type shopping trolleys on wheels please?

  5. Nomine, i'd be careful about de-boxing. Package condition/evidence of tampering is one of the things UKBA are supposed to take into account in the A-J.

  6. *for those who don't know tobacco, especially GV, is highly compressable and smugglers routinely repack 20 packs into a 10 pack wrapper.

  7. Cheers for that SBC, I was wondering what the best way of carrying it all back was, as I plan on buying a years supply 10kg, probably best to duct tape them into suitcase sizes then, all open to view!
    Should I order ahead to make sure its in stoke with NO1 shop or willthere be enough there do you think?

  8. Nomine, AFAIK you need to order in advance.

  9. lt's a common procedure when they are busy that P&O ring the passengers up who have not booked meals, transfers etc to try and sell them. The meals, transfers that is ... not the passengers :)

    We always pre-book our purchases and my own purchases l just throw into my suitcase ... yes l do mean throw. Worlds worst packer!

    JD? .. Aahhh another matter entirely!

    SBC ... I didn't know that. :)

  10. ok last stupid question before meeting you on board when I may just have a few more (lol), how do you get from the port to either adinkerke or bruge, and whats the cost of the joourney, just so I know which one to pre order at

  11. Theres some of the 'crew' going to Ostende who know all the 'ins' and 'outs' of travel to there and the baccy shops.

    Rest of 'crew' are going to Brugge and l believe some to Adinkerke.

    It's up to you but we are doing Brugge ourselves. Transfers can be arranged onboard. :) Transfer is 6.5 euros each way but some are going in cars so you may get a lift.

  12. Thanks will do the Brugge trip this time round then


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