Further reply from P&O

This is in response to initial letter and first reply. lt's gone from the CEO Helen Deeble to Communications Director Chris Laming and finally Onboard Services Director Mike O'Dwyer.

P&O's reply

Dear #######
Thank you for your letter dated 8th June, which has been forwarded on to me by the Communications Director to respond concerning your HMRC queries.
Having noted the contents of your letter I cannot disagree with the sentiment.  I was aware of the changes in the UK guidelines in January 2010, and that the HMRC website changed in February to reflect these new guidelines.
We have an obligation to make our customers aware that there are still restrictions on the amounts they can bring into the UK (and the EU), but ultimately the responsibility for understanding HMRC UK rules and regulations rests with the traveller; however we have already requested the new HMRC leaflet, and have sent another reminder today to HMRC to enable us to display the leaflet accordingly.
I am pleased to note that when you questioned our staff onboard they remained courteous and I will remind them that any questions that our passengers have in relation to the HMRC regulations should be directed to HMRC.
I will be forwarding a copy of your letter to HMRC headquarters
Once again thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

Mike O'Dwyer
On Board Services Director

Oh dear Mr O'Dwyer, you knew of the changes in Jan 2010 and yet you did nothing to see that the information on your ships was updated? You allowed the false information to be displayed on your ships that you knew would be read by your own passengers .... poor show Mr O'Dwyer.

Yes it is the responsibility of your pax to understand HMRC's regs but it would help your pax if you displayed the correct info!

 There has been no mention of the sign displayed in the onboard shop that is 2 and a half years out of date and no confirmation that the false information has been removed. P&O are certainly not Hoverspeed when it comes to looking after their pax welfare. They seem to want to be HMRC's friend and not the pax.

Back to the CEO it seems. :)

p.s. pax = passengers :)


  1. P&O have also made a new little law for themselves,you cant take alcohol on board
    their mini cruises...WHY ? we ask ,is it to
    avoid drunken loutish behaviour,not on your
    Aunty Nelly,you can still get rat arsed in the
    ships bars at £3.50p a pint. Oh and you have to stand at the outside muster stations for a smoke.Glad they were'nt bringing Uncle Wilf back from Dunkirk
    Note! P&O guards will stop and search you while you are still on Brit territory,
    and there are still some jerkoffs on the blogsites still chuddering on and on about
    MPs butty allowances.

    The Visigoth

  2. Wtf? l thought it was a security measure before getting onboard, Y'know, terrorists and all that crap. Didn't realize it was for booze. l feel stupid now.

  3. P&O sucks. I used to go on their cruises until they screwed down smoking, hiding behind British legislation on flagged out ships.

    Waste of time writing to them.



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