SCOOP! Recording the UKBA/HMRC audio and video ... LEGAL!

by Herr Von Sked
We've long advocated recording the UKBA/HMRC when they are conducting their interview after you've been stopped by them. This is because that their version of the interview is invariably paraphrased and then used against you. Not forgetting the many cases of intimidation and illegal tactics/lies This is why we also advise you not to sign their notebook as is your right.

The recordings we've done have always been covert as UKBA/HMRC don't want you to record them and tell you that you cannot legally do so. Well, lo and behold this is another UKBA/HMRC LIE! They may refuse to record the interview but YOU can.

You ARE allowed to record them! Who says so? ... the UKBA/HMRC in their own procedures! Yes, you read that right ... the UKBA/HMRC procedures say you CAN record them.

This means they will behave themselves somewhat better than they usually do because they will know they are being recorded. lt also means that you have no reason whatsoever to sign their notebook. Believe me, this is very good news for the cross-border shopper. You still have to prepare yourself before you go cross-border shopping but now you have the means to protect yourself .... UKBA/HMRC say so!

Specifically :-

"Excise and Civil Interviews

Excise Interviews 

Where practical, interviews should be conducted by a minimum of two officers and recorded in writing in an official notebook or on a ENF1227 Record of Interview form, or on tape (Interviews). 

Note: Officers cannot stop someone if they choose to make a video or audio recording of the interview themselves using their own equipment such as a mobile phone, video camera etc."

This can be found on page 8 of this FOI

There is lots more in this FOI but the fact that you can openly record the UKBA/HMRC is a massive step forward that deserves a post of it's own. So if you are ever subjected to one of UKBA/HMRC's interviews ... RECORD it on your phone, video camera or whatever ... you have a RIGHT to do so!

h/t to SBC for this. He deserves all the laurels! Well done SBC.


  1. WHOOOP DE DOOOO thanks SBC!, will be bringing a vast array of recording equipment along just to be able to get it from every angle for the film of the book thingy I will make if stopped...brilliant news...absolutely brilliant!!!!

  2. SBC, youre my hero! F'ing great find! You the man!

  3. brill, just brill. goonies ain't gonna like this. kudos sbc

  4. I would still recommend *covertly* recording IN ADDITION. Pull out your cell phone and record but still have your 'tape' running hidden away. Just because their guidance says they can't doesn't mean they'll not not stop you recording. They aren't known for playing by the rules...any rules...even their OWN.

    As a wise firearms instructor once said 'once is sure, twice is dead sure'

  5. There's some good stuff in that FOI . Remember that deaf guy who had his 3kgs nicked? Totally 'illegally' according to their own rules...when the Sked refused to make any provision for the pensioner's special needs.

  6. Great stuff indeed SBC. I forwarded it to him earlier. :)

  7. Document saved. Thank you.

  8. * is looking forward to sweetly and innocently enquiring "Oh have you run out of e-n-twelve-twenty sevens?"*

  9. You want to interview me officer? Hold on a minute

    Gets out tripod, sets up digital video camera. Then sets up lighting, does audio and visual check.

    Ok officer, l'm ready. What? you don't want to interview me now?

    Packs up video camera and lighting equipment. Picks up luggage containing cigarettes and tobacco bought in EU and leaves! :)

  10. "
    Gets out tripod,..."

    Gotta get me a clapper board.

    "Snoopy Fights The Red Baron Take One!"

  11. You guys are crazy! UKBA won't come anywhere near you. lol

    Great info guys!

  12. "UKBA won't come anywhere near you. lol"

    The Pirates On Tour 2011 tour does promise to be fun....what with the new MIL's and all...I'm hoping we get our first video of an 'A-j' NOT going the way the UKBA hoped real soon.

  13. Think UKBA will be confused? Long story but here's short version. 2 years ago my sister and l came into USA from Canada. US Border Control Officer Gilbert mixed up our fingerprints and photos. He said he'd sorted it. Just got a message from my sister who's just arrived in USA but got interrogated by US Homeland Security. She was a bit concerned but had to laugh when they turned computer screen round and there was a photo of me but with my sisters name!

    You can imagine what photo comes up with my name then. Now seeing UKBA work closely with US Homeland Security l have no idea what to expect when l return to UK from Zeebrugge!

  14. "You can imagine what photo comes up with my name then. Now seeing UKBA work closely with US Homeland Security l have no idea what to expect when l return to UK from Zeebrugge!"


    " Did you take an ugly pill since your last visit to the US...uhm..madam...sir..?"

  15. The goonies would have to be polite and truthful. My god, they'll shrivel up and die.

  16. What about the "not yet published recent amendment" referred to in the opening letter? Am I being a bit thick?

  17. Sorry, I am being thick. It refers to the UKBA, not the detainee.

  18. Anon 14.33 ... reading UKBA/HMRC literature hurts any sane persons eyes. :)

  19. Interesting point on page 8, final paragraph.
    "Notebook entries that are sensitive (such as the reasons for stop) must be treated accordingly and entered on a separate page in accordance with guidance in Notebooks"
    Why? Am I reading it incorrectly? that they don't want you to know the reason for the stop?.
    I should have thought that such information should be made expressly clear to the individual and be at the top of the "officer's" notes for the traveller to read.

  20. "I should have thought that such information should be made expressly clear to the individual and be at the top of the "officer's" notes for the traveller to read."

    The Skeds know that judges have ruled that they MUST have a valid reason so stop people and so they refuse to inform you of the reason on 'operational' grounds because otherwise they'd have to admit that they , infact, had no just cause.

    All part of their deceit.

  21. At the start of the FOI it quite clearly states "in all cases, reasons for the stop regardless of whether a search takes place;" are to be recorded in the officer's we can probably insist they do and then read it when they give us the book to not sign.

  22. They stack the cards to suit themselves. These notes don't have to be made at the time and can be 'at the earliest opportunity'. ln reality that means they can look over the notes of the interview and then put in the reason for the stop ... to suit the interview!

    One's video of the incident will hold far more credence though. That's if they do the interview in the first place. l can see them refusing to interview whilst on video. Of course they'll try and make out that it is you that is refusing to be interviewed when it is in reality them. Some interesting times ahead.

    l would also read the notebook and not sign it. lf possible video the pages at the same time. :)

  23. "Of course they'll try and make out that it is you that is refusing to be interviewed when it is in reality them. "

    "Oh by the way Officer, this is a head cam and it's live streaming to the web as we speak..."

  24. DuncanDisorderliVery interestingFriday, October 07, 2011 12:11:00 pm

    Very interesting set of (complete lack of) information frm HMRC strongly suggesting corruption or incompetance of the highest order. So I sent a link to the page to my local MP (Amber Rudd, MP for Hastings & Rye) and asked what she thought about it. Got a response this morning, highlights of which are that she agreed that the figures supplied from HMRC 'are far from clear' and that she has sent my e-mail (and the link to the FOI part of this site) to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, asking for an examination of the facts of the matter and to comment on the sale of vehicles by HMRC.
    She promises to send me copies of any correspondence from the Exchequer.

  25. Excellent Duncan. We ourselves are going to exhaust the Internal Review and Information Commissioner avenues first. We'll post our 'replies'.

  26. Shouldn't be a bunch of smuggling, benefit cheating c**** then should you!


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

"We therefore find that Mr Sked misdirected himself as to the Policy in carrying out the review and his decision is therefore one that no reasonable review officer could have arrived at."

... commonly known here at N2D as 'Skeds' ... that is to say these are Judges comments regarding UKBA Review Officer Ian Sked's reasons for rejecting peoples appeals against seizures.

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