** UPDATED ** Baccy Mini-Cruise 15th Oct ... Meeting up details

Well folks ... tomorrow is the mini-cruise so had better do some arranging for meeting up. Ship sails at 18.30 so text or phone me when it sails. l'll then tell you where we are and you can come over and introduce yourselves. Don't leave it too late to get in touch as all mobile signals will be lost when we are out to sea. After we've met each other we can then go and have dinner or whatever and then meet up at a later time for a few drinkies etc.

Note, it seems the onboard shop has a new policy of when you purchase spirits and wine you have to collect them in the morning. They already do this for beer. One assumes that they think this will get more sales at the bar :) They sometimes search you for alcohol prior to boarding too. Rest is up to you :)

Shop does sell tobacco but has limited stock so if you are buying from there ... get there early! You non-smokers that are only buying alcohol there is usually no problem.

So, our number .... 07586334281

(Note to any UKBA onboard ... give us a call, come over and introduce yourselves ... we don't bite ... well, maybe Justine does but l recall that's only when she's making love ... or so l've heard ... allegedly. No point in you UKBA being all alone if your bosses have told you to come on the cruise. Your bosses take a great deal of interest in our site doncha know? ... they told our lawyers such. Hope you get all your drinks on expenses!!!! Be generous now!)


Forgot to mention that the largest fair in the UK is on at the moment in Hull. lt's located near the KC Stadium at West Park ... and is called 'Hull Fair' :) lt's open from midday so if you want to have a look round, get to Hull a bit earlier and have a gander. 


  1. lights, camera, action!! wish l was with ya.

  2. Mercy sakes alive, looks like got ourselves a convoy!

    Let them truckers roll.

  3. All them cameras, recording devices! ... could be our version of The Blair Witch Project! :)

    SBC ... We need a title! :)

  4. "SBC ... We need a title! :)"

    "Pirates Of The Carribaccion"?

    "Fear and Loathing In Hull-We can't stop here , this is VAT country"?

  5. Who's afraid of Virginia Goonie Woolf?

  6. Lords of the Smoke Rings perhaps?
    Looking forward to meeting you all on board.
    Does anyone have details of long stay, safe parking near the ferry terminal please?
    Camera (check) recorder (check) spare batteries and memory cards (check)...
    Is there any Internet access on the boat do you know?

  7. Hope it all goes well. Envious at not being part of the gang this time. But will be enjoying the rugby - a small consolation.
    Bon Voyage !

  8. Parking is at the ferry terminal itself and only 100yds from the terminal check-in itself. Will cost you 10 quid for the 2 days.
    Dont know about internet but probably not and if there is it'll be expensive cos it'll be satellite l'd think.

  9. Muchos Gracias anon for the quick reply...
    Tomorrow guys an gals! ;¬)

  10. Parking is £12 for the 2 days, make sure you have plenty of coins as the card reader on the machines nearly always dont work.
    Internet is available in the bar on deck 6, like said is satalite and very expensive,£5 for 30 mins.
    Sorry i wont be on the trip due to a christening :( but have fun guys.

  11. "
    Internet is available in the bar on deck 6, like said is satalite and very expensive,£5 for 30 mins."

    That is appalling value. Stena line offers free intrawebz throughout the ship (although it can be 'dial up' speed in the cabins IME).

  12. a fiver to post a blog out isn't too bad though, we have to make these little sacrifices sometimes eh...though we Brits seem to pay through the nose for everything.
    Thanks for the info people!

  13. Nomine, I'd guess they do a 3 hour-for-₤7 type pass too, they do on the Hull-Rotterdam ferry.

  14. It's all a lot more chilled than flying. And unlike planes, they do let you go outside for a fag.

    On an entirely unrelated note, your bathroom ventilator top comes off easily, and becomes a very effective industrial strength extractor. A sign points out that the smoke detector in the cabin can be triggered by shower steam, so the bathroom door should be kept closed. When showering, that is.

    Bring a euro adaptor, and also a short extension 4-way for phone chargers and kettle etc. The socket is high up the wall.

  15. /waits with baited breath for the first blogged pictures from the ferry bar of the N2Declare conga -which I am led to gelieve is the traditional Northerners way of commemorating such events.

    Do.do. DooooOOOOO...come on and join the conga...


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