An Excellent Adventure ... Truly Bodacious

Baccy Cruise was a great trip  .... thanks to Mr and Mrs Bucko, Patsy Nurse and partner/friends, Mr and Mrs Nominedeus, Webbie ( Daytripper), Visigoth and the Barbarians ....  and all the others too numerous to mention now for making it such a success.

l'll do a full report later cos at the moment l'm knackered due to copious amounts of JD consumed and little sleep. :)

Thanks again to everyone!


  1. Link for 'Webbie' is incorrect I think.

  2. Just seeing if you were paying attention :)

    Thanks SBC

  3. " Just seeing if you were paying attention :)"

    Always. Detail is important....what bit of 'I'm anally fixated' did you not understand?


  4. It was a fooking good do. Many thanks

  5. 'T'was indeed - thanks so much SH and all who made it such great fun.

    We're all defo up for another baccy run/smoking ban warrior get together whenever the occasion arises again.

    Smokers = the best company in the world :>)

  6. Keep running them and sooner or later you will get to see my ugly mug once more, great weekend m8 thanks to you and all who sailed !xxx


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