Report from Office Bulgaria ... land of smokers!

Coming out to BG l ran into airport security drones. l still had in my carry-on bag what was left of a 15gm tube of Bonjela that l had for a mouth ulcer. You'd have thought it was weapons grade biological warfare material the way they reacted. 'l should have had it in a plastic bag' ... 'Do l want a plastic bag for it? ... that'lllbe £1 please'

l laughed (they dont like that but l did think it was funny) and said So' you've got the tube of whats left ... maybe 2gm, you know what it is and yet you want me to buy a plastic bag for it?? That's insanity!'

Their reply was 'lt's security and the law' . l replied ' Security? .. you mean like the barriers you put up outside the airport so no-one can pickup or drop off? (it's a small airport (Humberside) and had a small area in a 'U' shape that cars and taxis used exclusively for dropping off and picking up).

Drone said ' Yes, that was done because of the Glasgow incident where they tried to ram the airport with a car and blow it up so we did it for security'

I smiled saying 'But they can still drive on the pavement' The drone said 'No they can't. lt's not allowed' ( seems terrorists obey traffic regs )

l gave up and left the drone clown clutching the 2gms of Bonjela to carry on the circus act with the next passenger. Note ... to date, the security circus has not caught one terrorist ... nor any elephants, tigers or anything else.

Regarding the airport shop selling duty free cigarettes as duty paid cigarettes ... l've had no reply from them. The company is called Travel Retail Distribution and is a subsidary of Heinemann. l'm still amazed by this as they are doing it right under the noses of Bulgarian Customs who actively target Brit passengers on what they can or not take out of Bulgaria. Perhaps this company thinks their problem has gone way because l left. Oh dear, l've got news for them ... l'm coming back very shortly. l'll check in with my luggage and no doubt attract attention from Bulgarian Customes because 'l'm over the limit' on what they say l can take out. Then the fun will start!

lt's going to be interesting to say the least. l shall try to record it.

l'll leave you now. Regards from 'the office'  Yes, they are my feet. :) in the pic


  1. Sorry for typos but l'll edit later ... the sun is very bright and l can't see the screen very well .... yeah, l know you feel sorry for me! lol

  2. Catch terrorists? FFS thats the last thing they want. They'd run a frickin mile!

  3. l hate you! lucky bastard!

  4. I can see a bunion on one of those feet! Thats made my day.

  5. The terrorists would have more rights than us, they would treat him with kid gloves

  6. Ha Ha SH, Your a very lucky man you did not talk back to the DRONEs at Glasgow Prestwick, Firstly you would be declared "DRUNK", If you had the balls to tell them your not "Drunk" and dont even drink alcohol, Thats when the real fun starts, They walk away and are replaced by the STRATHCLYDE POLICE, They will tell you, "Your barred from flying RYANAIR because your argumentitive, Disruptive and you are an unfit person to sit on a RYANAIR aircraft. The "DRUNK" bit has been abandoned when the trained POLICE breathaliser noses do not detect the whiff of booze.
    So the drone said your "Drunk" You say your not, and you still don't fly.
    Best keep your gob shut, Best keep away from PRESTWICK AIRPORT.

  7. Further to my last, PRESTWICK is calling itself GLASGOW but 40 mile away from GLASGOW.
    The staff seem to be all related (Note the five fingers and one thumb on their left hand) and the similar eye brow. Very funny people down Ayrshire way.
    However their claim to fame is that ELVIS PRESLEY landed there in 1968 on a refueling stop,
    Apart from a vending machine or two there has been little change in the place. Toilets still stink, seating is hard (Like a 1960s DHSS office) The staff have a NAZI German World War 2 attitude. The worst bit is the DRONEs know your flying on the cheap (RYANAIR) and treat you like a penniless pauper, You are shouted at not spoken to, Ordered not requested, Objecting is useless because if you argue with one, You find yourself surrounded and arguing with them all.


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