WARNING!!! to Brit Smokers Holidaying in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a favoured holiday destination this year for Brit smokers. lt has taken over from Greece/Spain as it's prices are far cheaper and Bulgaria does not go with a smoking ban. Holidaymakers buy a lot of their cigarettes from the airport before they return to the UK.If you intend on doing this or your friends are ... heed this warning!

The airport shop at Bourgas (Burgas) is selling cigarettes that are stamped Duty Free but being sold as as Duty Paid. lf you are stopped by the UKBA when you return home, cigarettes will be confiscated! lt doesn't matter if you have receipts from the airport shop because it will make no difference to the UKBA as the cigarettes are NOT duty paid. All duty paid cigarettes in Bulgaria have a duty paid sticker on them and the price in Bulgarian Leva (example ... Marlboro 5.00 Leva). Duty Free don't have this!

Also this airport is selling these false duty paid cigarettes at extortionate prices. A pack of 200 Marloboro should be only 50 leva ... 2 Bulgarian Leva = 1 Euro (fixed). The airport is charging 69 leva! or if you prefer 34.50 Euros! As duty free cigarettes these must have cost the company pennies compared to duty paid! Do not be ripped off AND face them being conficated by the UKBA ... buy your ciggies from supermarkets ... the price is fixed and printed on the packs according to Bulgarian law.What you see is what you pay,

The other airport this company operates from is Varna ... expect the same there,

l'm on the case ... l'll post my results later,


  1. He's gonna have some fun there. Tear em a new one, SH!

    If you end up at the embassy, I bet they'll remember you from last time!

  2. Does that mean even if you went prepared with everything you tell us to SH we'd still lose oyr baccy?

  3. Fraid so Prop, the fact remains that Duty Free are simply that ,,, Duty Free. Doesn't matter what receipts you got for them because they'll remain Duty Free. There is no Duty Free between member states of the EU ... it's Duty Paid!

    UKBA dont even need the A-J's ... they've got you banged to rights ... period! Duty Free only exists when bringing in tobacco products etc from outside the EU... and that's wrote in stone!

  4. Classic SH, the Real 'Smoker's Friend'. He sees an issue or injustice, warns everyone and then sets about righting it.

  5. This is a new hazard. I've never thought to check before. Well spotted, SH. As you say, there'd be no defence at the Customs ambush.

    I seldom buy at the airport anyway, the price is usually higher, (though not in Greece), but I'd not have expected dodgy deals there!

  6. "There is no Duty Free between member states of the EU"

    Unless you happen to work for the commission, in which case you get your duty free allowance in the EU like us proles used to.

  7. True Anon 15.05 ... l know the Polish Airport Shop Group Balkana have a dept dedicated to supplying these troughers.

  8. Gets more like the USSR every fucking minute

  9. Is this still the case now?? As I'm going to Bulgaria in 3 weeks

    1. lt would be wise to take precautions and take our letter.

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