EXCLUSIVE! Smoking Hot caught on Camera

On a beach where the righteous are not welcome or tolerated. Smokers are in abundance and so is the alcohol ... and heaven forbid amongst the children too! To make it worse for the righteous many of the female are in various forms of swimming attire and there seems to be a shortage of bikini tops ... in front of the children too! Many of the children dont have costumes at all ... oh horror! Food is readily available including steaks, burgers and other non-righteous products.

There's no ban on cameras here, no smoking ban, no alcohol limits etc etc. This is people enjoying themselves and they need no government to tell them how to do it or protect them. The children are safe under the view of ALL the parents. This is how it should be ... and is!

So, the Resistance flag was raised above the White Bar, smokes and JD flowed whilst at this particular moment Bob Marley sounds were playing ... time for a nap! Smoking Hot is content.Best Smoky Drinky in the world! :)

Note ... writing could be more descriptive but had a bottle of JD last night so it's as good as it will get for today. Need a hair of the dog. :)


  1. lceman! cigs in hat ultra cool

  2. I notice you've got your feet on the seat. Is that permitted?

    That country is in need of a few Rules!

    Give my regards to the delightful (and formidable) Mrs SH.

  3. Morley LIGHTS??!?

    You'd not be going all HEALTH Conscientious on us now, would yous? That's the first step to towards vegetarianism and obsessing about other people's health.

  4. SBC ... only if it includes t-bone steaks and such, JD and other forms of alcohol (like the local rakia that is 60% alcohol and should only be drank in the evening ... along with eating food! Drinking it during the day under hot sun is dangerous)


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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

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