## UPDATED## Baccy Mini-Cruise Offer ... Not To Be Missed!

From beginning of OCT to the end of DEC P&O Ferries will be offering a 2 for 1 deal for mini-cruises from Hull to Zeebrugge.

Both Zaphod and myself will be going on these mini-cruises and we want YOU to come aswell. Last year we paid as little as £22.50 per person! There is onboard shopping and also very good tobacconists in Brugge. The mini-cruise consists of 2 nights on the ferry (yes, you get cabins included) and a day in Brugge. There is of course onboard entertainment, bars, restaurants, casino and so on.

We want to meet you ALL and in doing so exchange ideas, information, experiences and the like on the issues of cross-border shopping and the smoking ban AND you'll be sticking two fingers up to the government by purchasing your tobacco at approx a third of the price in the UK!

What's not to like?

This beats the hell out of holding meetings etc in hotels, conference rooms because it pays for itself. lf you've got any ideas of your own, let us know and we'll put them up. We aren't in charge of this, you are. You can do what you want. However we will be there to guide you and give you advice if you so wish.

We aren't a travel agency and don't want your credit card details, personal info etc etc. You book it yourself with P&O and we meet onboard (or not if don't like the look of us). Personally, l'd be quite happy meeting you under your blogger names and id's. lt's up to you.

l see most people being interested in the weekend trips ... these would sail at 18.30 Fri and get back 08.15 Sun or sail 18.30 Sat and get back 09.15 Mon.We will look at mid-week if enough are interested You can get transport from Zeebrugge to Brugge ... takes about 15 mins but we will have transport of our own too.

So c;mon people ... e-mail me at nothing_2_declare@ymail.com  or go to Facebook if you're interested (choose a few suitable dates and l'll take it from there) Booking will start on 12th Sept for OCT-DEC mini-cruises. Sorry about you Southern folk but us Northerners have had to travel to Dover often enough ... now it's your turn and anyway this is a mini-cruise.

Note:- Zeebrugge is NOT like Calais. There is NO juxtaposed UKBA Control Area in Zeebrugge.

Spread the Word peeps!

UPDATE ... now on Facebook

UPDATE 2     Regarding booking, if you are planning on coming by yourself please book for 2 and put any name you like as the 2nd traveller. By doing this we should be able to fill that 2nd traveller position with someone else who is travelling by themself. Note:- P&O have a policy that even if you book for 2 and the 2nd traveller does not come or you book a single ... that they have the right to use and fill that cabin vacancy. This means you will be travelling with a stranger in your cabin.Better it be one of 'our' strangers m'thinks!
Changing names on bookings with P&O is free, unlike airlines.

2. We have some non-smokers going just for the jolly. We will have a vacancy for someone like this to travel in a vehicle but please note that NO tobacco will be allowed to be brought back in the vehicle. This is because the vehicle can be and may be seized by UKBA. The UKBA don't have to justify their decision to seize it, they only have to 'believe' the vehicle is being used to carry goods for a commercial purpose. Yes, we'd get the vehicle back but that would be months later. Would the UKBA be so petty and vindictive? ... damn right they would! ... and have on many occasions!


Together we stand, divided we fall ...c'mon now people let's get on the ball



  1. E-mailed ya, count me in! Nice one

  2. On the front page immediately my friend, but CMS gone to pot somehow :(
    Great news though, I hope you get plenty sign up Smokin'


  3. Booking starts on the 12 Sept, but the journey/trip isn't until October ?


  4. 12TH Sept is when booking will start for OCT - DEC 2 for 1 offers!

    l'll go.

  5. Oh boy - meeting under anonymity using blogger and online pseudonyms only! Maybe suggestive hand signals to let the other party know. It sounds like a great start to a truly dirty weekend (on) abroad. Cunt me in.

  6. Anon 16.58 ... l'll be wearing a tinhat with windmill on top :)

  7. Doubt you'll see that many from the Stony S democos theyll be out of their comfort zone, Baccy run will scare most of them to death.

  8. @19.41

    Cheap shot Anon.

    Did we see you at SS, placard in hand? If not, why not?

    If so - still a cheap shot....

  9. The Gothic Horde will mobilise
    as many as poss for a mid Oct
    Dont bank on getting to many
    jessymen and jellytots,leaving their keyboards might be a tad tiring for them,EVEN FRIGHTENING

    To all men and women who still have blood in their veins,,not piss
    We meet AFT OPEN DECK (RED) 9pm
    on the night of the sailing
    Lets see who has got it
    and who likes just to twitter about it

    Hope springs eternal

  10. We must not forget many anti ban
    bloggers and activists are decent law abiding citizens who are unlikely to be to enthusiastic about "shady" excursions
    They like to stay within the law
    and be good obedient folk.
    A bit like Judas ,Quisling and
    Adolph Eichman
    Bless em
    A farewell to arms

  11. Whoa there Anon 19.41, no need for that. SS was a resounding success so don't knock it or the people that turned out.

  12. All l want to know is whether you're up for these trips or not. :)

  13. Great idea Smokey, l'm up for it.

  14. Anon: you are bang out of order son! I helped to organise the Stony Stratford protest, which was a great success. Thanks to Dick Puddlecote being quick off the mark, the alarm was raised and blogosphere marched, as did the locals. You must remember that we all fight in our different ways so if any Stony Stratford protestors do join in the fun I hope you will have the good grace to apologise for your remarks! we need unity, not idiotic divisive statements! as they said at SS-Enough is Enough!

  15. Save money by taking a travel kettle, tea or coffee. You'll need a travel adaptor and a small extension lead otherwise you have to hold kettle as the bloody socket is high up. l take packup aswell seeing the restaurant is not cheap. l get something hot in Brugges from the many takeaways the next day and they are good value for money.All cabins are no-smoking but use the toilet/shower room as it's got an extractor and you'll be fine.

  16. Sometimes security search suitcases for alcoholic drinks when boarding at Hull. Take a big jacket with big pockets. The onboard shop sells cases of beer but you aren't allowed to have it till you get off when you return to Hull. Spirits and wine you can take immediately though.

    Buy cans of beer in Bruge for return trip as they don't search you at Zeebrugge when you are getting back on ship. No bloody UKBA there either to stop you and threaten that you'll miss the boat if you are arguing about your baccy, unlike Calais!

  17. Good sound advice guys.

    Another thing to take note of is that the onboard shop has never had a lot of stock of tobacco/cigarettes in my experience and hence run-out very quickly.

    lt's adviseable therefore to pre-order at the shop in Brugge. lt costs nothing to use this service and is not a binding contract. The shop simply offers it as a service. Payment is in Sterling so you save on exchange rates.

    Hey ho, m'hearties!

  18. "shady excursions"

    Nothing shady about it Dipshit, all legal and above board. SH doesn't condone any smuggling and this is 110% legal, healthy and gives you bright eyes and a glossy coat.

  19. Just got back today
    Nice trip went to ostend to visit Martine :) lol
    No Customs presence back at Hull :)
    Ive done this trip every month this year with no probs.
    Will deffo be doing the 2 for 1 trips
    Be nice to meet up with you boys :)
    P.s the w/e trips tend to be more expensive

  20. We'll look at prices when they come up Dirty. Lots of people are at work weekdays so they prefer weekends but if there is enough l'll do midweek.

  21. Im easy SH w/e or weekdays no problemo.

  22. I'm keen to go as well so count me in if at the end of Oct/early Nov or end Nov/early December (pay day & budgeting). I am an ex-smoker but my wife smokes. At £4.60 a pack of Amber Leaf, a couple of days on a trip & a laugh with like minded people, sounds good to me.


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