UKBA Guidelines of 1kg tobacco and 800 cigarettes NOT coming in this year!

UKBA seemingly have changed their mind about implementing the new guidlelines of 1kg tobacco and 800 cigarettes this year. This info comes from Daytripper and l find them a reliable source. The owner is a straight up guy and runs an informative site for cross-border shoppers.Go take a look.

Be careful if stopped by the UKBA though, they are not to be trusted. Current events certainly suggest that they wouldn't try to use these new guidelines in order to seize your goods. So if they try and say that these new guidelines are in force ... they are lying!

Don't be fooled by guidelines ... they are not limits or allowances ... simply guidelines.

We'll do our best to keep you updated on these new guidelines ... UKBA may change their mind next week!!!!


  1. How can 800 cigarettes be a guideline ?
    At 200 a week that would mean that you would have to go abroad once a month to buy them.

  2. or buy them at the supermarket at 200% the price in EU.

    ... or buy them off the Black Market.

    Everytime l write on this specific subject l have the image in my head of UKBA running the Black Market! What other conclusion could you possibly come to when they keep restricting, harassing and robbing people who want to legitimately buy their ciggies etc from the EU????

  3. UKBA personnel involved in the black market? But where would they get their supplies from?


  4. "UKBA personnel involved in the black market? But where would they get their supplies from? "-Zaphod

    Same place they get their new cars.

  5. Where about is this info on Daytripper
    Prob cant see it for looking lol

  6. It's here Dirty

    lt's his 'blog', scroll down for 23rd July entry and it's at the end of that. :)


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