## UPDATED ## Reply from Boris at Bulgarian Customs. WTF?

I asked Bulgarian Customs if the airport shop at Burgas, Bulgaria was allowed to sell cigarettes marked "Duty Free Only"  as "EU Duty Paid". This relates to this earlier post.

Boris kindly replied but as to what his reply actually says, l am unsure to say the least.

Any ideas anyone? SBC?


These are the duty paid stickers. The sticker gives the year  and you'll note on the lhs of the sticker it has the price 3.90 lev as set by the BG government. Other EU countries do this ... oh wait .... not the UK .... they allow retailers to rip you off too ... once the government has ripped you off of course with their extortionate tax!


  1. Wow, if anyone can extract any meaning from that, I'll be impressed!

    And,"Borislav Borisov"??? WTF?

    I'm reminded of "Life of Brian", where Brian believes that his father was a Roman called "Biggus Dickus".

    If SH responds to this letter, he'll be told that there's no such person? "It's a joke name, you stupid English person!"

  2. Boris say if you know what good for you accept this reply as answer then go away and not come back!

  3. I am sure UKBA will accept this letter for bringing all your cigarettes and tobacco into the country!!
    It's just a fob off letter or at least that what it looks like to me


  4. Actually, to be fair, I think I do know what he is saying.

    He is saying that the words "Duty Free" are kind of generic and not to be taken literally.

    And he refers you to the official receipt ("the fiscal cash slip from fiscal device..." etc) which would have been issued to you in the shop and which would state that all taxes and dues had been paid at the appropriate level.

    My Bulgarian is worse than his English, by a long way, and at a level as defined by art.3 para xii of the Law on Literal Translation, sect iv 1993.

  5. Oh l've got to respond ... they're the only ones talking to me.

    British Embassy in Sofia BG, UKBA and HMRC won't! So much for stopping dodgy imports of tobacco!

  6. @Lysistrata ... problem is that all cigarettes have to have duty paid stickers on all the packets and of course the duty free ones don't. UKBA say (verbally)they will confiscate them regardless of any receipt.

  7. Open season on UK smokers!

  8. Babelfish lives.

    Anyways, I'm a qualified translator and although I don't speak Bulgarian , I'm pretty used to mangled English (Denglish being my native tongue as it were).

    "and accounted by way of issuing fiscal cash slip from fiscal device of approved for"

    Boris is saying that , although the packets bear the 'Duty Free' sticker, your till receipt should state that infact it is 'Duty Paid' and that the till receipt is proof.

    ...which of course it isn't in the eyes of UKBA

  9. l'm certain the UKBA are fluent in Bulgarian Cyrillic!

  10. Why doesn't the airport just sell the proper duty paid cigarettes like they do in Sofia airport?

  11. anon 09.54

    cos that would put paid to the white envelopes for the customs there! ;-)


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