Spanish tobacco sales drop 25% since huge tobacco tax increase in Dec 2010.

Spain raised it's tobacco tax by 28% in Dec 2010 and now sales are down by 25%
lt makes you wonder if anyone in government have any commonsense at all. This drop in tobacco sales was fully expected and foreseen by anyone with more than half a braincell.

They've also made Spain a market for smugglers now! Smoking rates haven't gone down, just the sales of legitimate tobacco. One really has to wonder if governments are involved in smuggling ... after all, they do everything a smuggler could ever wish for!

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  1. The sad thing is some morons will see it as smoking going down by 25%. Unfortunately these morons are politicians and tobacco control who make these decisions.

  2. How much is a packet of cigarettes in Spain now?

    In fact, Spain as a destination isn't cheap for anything these days. There are other places worthier of your cash.

  3. Paul ... no idea how much. Spain has been off my destination list for a few years now. lt will obviously remain so.

  4. Everybody that I know who smokes used to always go on holiday to Spain and also stock up on cigarettes and tobacco.
    Nobody I know either goes to Spain for a holiday or goes there to but cigarettes and tobacco.
    No wonder the country is skint !!!

  5. Everyone l know has bailed on Spain for holidays and baccy. Loads going to Sunny Beach now. Commies getting all the trade lol

  6. Smoking ban also hit hard. My friend sold up (at a loss), he said the Spanish were targeting the British bars for the smoking ban yet leaving the Spanish ones alone. l've known him for years and he doesn't make things up.

    Crazy isn't it? We are in economic crap and our respective governments are killing businesses.

  7. Not like Spain hasn't got any financial problems at the moment is it? You would have thought they would have learnt from Blair's mistakes....

  8. Perhaps it's time smokers' groups began greeting every proposed tax increase as the positive move for the black market tobacco business that it is.

  9. As l understand it, the black market treats the smoker as a valued customer.

  10. Or perhaps it is about time the smokers around Europe got together and created their own lobbying group.
    forget that, we don't have the cash and brown paper bags.


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