Statement of Truth for Cross-border Shoppers #Updated#


Statement of Truth

3 pages

Mr Marlboro
1 Golden Virginia Avenue

To whom it may concern,
                                           I, (name), d.o.b. (date) passport number ##########, traveled from UK (airport,port) to (destination) on the (date) re (reference/booking/flight number).  I returned UK (airport,port)  from (destination) on the (date)  re (reference/booking/flight number). 

I purchased 20 cartons (4000) of Marlboro cigarettes and 1kg of  Golden Virginia HRT on this trip for my own personal use and they are not held for a commercial purpose. I am not a revenue trader. These purchases were all EU Duty Paid as per regulations. There are NO limits for personal use EU Directive 2008/118/EC

I have purchased the tobacco as an occasional gifts to my son for his birthday and Xmas. I shall give him 500gm for each occasion. The cigarettes are for my own consumption and l would expect them to last me for approx 14 weeks as l smoke approx 40 cigarettes per day. (1 week 280, 14 weeks 4000 approx).

I  have the funds to afford to purchase these goods, in fact l cannot afford NOT to buy them abroad. Marlboro cost  £6.83 for pack of 20 in Asda and only £2.25 for pack of 20 in Poland. Over 14 weeks, by purchasing in Poland, that saves me approx  £916 compared with purchasing in Asda UK. (200 (packs of 20) x £6.83 =  £1366 in  Asda , 200 (packs of 20) x £2.25 = £450 in Poland …. £1366 – 450 = £916). Even taking off the cost of the trip to Poland including flights, accommodation and food/drink l will still be better off by over £700 than purchasing in the UK. So, not only do l save a great deal of money, l get a mini-break abroad too. One would be foolish to the extreme not to do such a thing.

I  spend approx £50 for my son’s birthday and £50 for  Xmas. I bought 1kg of Golden Virginia in Poland for £94 (2 x 500gm packs @ £47 each). My son will get 1 x 500 gm pack for his birthday and 1 x 500gm pack for Xmas. Although to him it will be like receiving a gift of  3 times that value as l believe Golden Virginia is approx £14.09 for 50gm at Asda. I have no idea what my son’s consumption rate is and how long these gifts will last him.

I have the receipts for the above purchases. I can afford the outlay for this trip but l could’ve just as easily put it on my credit card or taken a loan. The results would all be the same, l save a great deal of money and have a mini-break abroad.

10 weeks (dates) ago l spent a weeks holiday in Tenerife but as there is a limit on duty free cigarettes l only brought back my allowance of 200 cigarettes. 14 weeks ago (dates) l was again in Poland and bought 20 cartons (4000) of Marlboro but no tobacco. I was stopped by UKBA upon my return from Tenerife but only had the duty allowance of 200 cigarettes so was allowed to proceed. No doubt your records will verify all this.

UKBA says it has duty to protect the revenue and the legitimate trade yet the UKBA fails to understand (or ignores) is that is exactly what the legitimate shopper, like myself is doing. I pay all the taxes and duties on all my purchases in the EU. I don’t buy from “white van man” or the “Chinese counterfeit gangs” and hence they have no support from me. Harassment and intimidation of legitimate EU shoppers is playing into the illegitimate and counterfeit trade’s hands. One wonders what percentage of legitimate shoppers who’ve been frightened off by UKBA tactics into no longer purchasing legitimate duty paid goods from the EU for personal use are now customers of the very trade that UKBA purport to be against?

I state again that l purchased the cigarettes/tobacco for my own personal use and they are not held for a commercial purpose and neither am l a revenue trader.

  1. I conformed to EU Directive/2008/118/EC
  2. The cigarettes/tobacco are for my own personal use (incl occasional gifts).
  3. I purchased them with my own money.(receipts shown)
  4. They are not held for a commercial purpose.
  5. I am not a revenue trader.
  6. I transported the goods myself.

l have now given all the information  you require (EU Directive 2008/118/EC) that shows my legally purchased EU duty paid cigarettes.tobacco are for personal use only and not held for a commercial purpose

Now please let me proceed with my legally purchased EU duty paid goods without any further let or hindrance.

Copy of this statement of truth to be retained by myself and another copy given to UKBA Officer ………….          ID number ……….            at (port/airport)

"I believe that the facts stated in this witness statement are true."

Signed …………………………    Print name…………………. date …………………

Comments by UKBA Officer (optional)

Statement of Truth (3 pages) received by

UKBA Officer  ……………………….           (print name)

UKBA ID number ………….  

Signed  …………………………….

Date …………………..


Specimen only.  Amend and fill in your own details and info. This answers most if not all of the questions UKBA ask you in their interviews interrogations which they refer to as the A-J’s . If they ask you questions that the answers are already contained in this statement of truth …. refer them to it. Do not rabbit on,  instead keep everything precise and factual … nothing more.

Whilst being questioned, they may ask you a question and you answer and then they remain silent looking at you … say nothing. This is a technique that is applied to make you rabbit on and they hope will trip you up. Stay silent and simply look back at them. It does not matter how innocent you are, if you start telling stories the chances are greater they will find a reason to confiscate your goods. They are NOT your friends …. Period! Stick to precise and short factual answers … nothing more.

If you are traveling with a friend who is also purchasing tobacco/cigarettes DO NOT be with them when they purchase these goods. You then have no idea on how much they purchased and therefore cannot be questioned on it. Never ask your friend how much they smoke either … this is personal and nothing to do with you. Also you cannot therefore answer any questions about them, can you?

Ask them to record the interview, they almost certainly won’t but ask anyway.

Regarding the UKBA’s officers notebook. If you are interviewed, we advise very strongly that you do not sign it with any statement saying that it is a true and factual account of the interview. They may try to intimidate you into doing so but it is all bluff … we know through experience! If you sign the notebook as being a true and factual account of the interview, IT WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU! You have been warned!   It will be used against you anyway but l'm sure it doesnt need you signing to say it's truthful and correct! .... you're acting for them if you sign it!

Don’t forget to record everything. If your phone won’t do it, get a recorder. They are cheap but if you are ever stopped by UKBA they are worth their weight in gold. It is NOT illegal to record them without their knowledge … PERIOD! In fact get a recorder! Like this one

Insist on a copy of the notebook as you’ll need it if they seize your goods. It’s no use asking for it at a later date as they’ll take about 40 odd days to get it to you (these will prob be working days) and you only have 28 days to appeal (surprise, surprise, this doesn’t include working days).

l may add info to this as it is first draft so revisit to check.
Also save your empty packets and tobacco pouches. The cigarette packets ...  all you need do is cut the back off with the EU Duty paid label still on it. Take these with you and when they ask how much you smoke ... bring them out and show them! 

lf you smoke your last cig before you get on plane or just before you get off ferry .... make sure you open a fresh pack and carry it on your person ... with your lighter (and cig papers). Don't pack them in your luggage.

Download Statement of Truth Doc here 
Updated 24/05/11 22.46

Download may be updated so keep coming back!

Don't forget your ABC ... Always Be Cool


  1. goonies arent gonna like you for this!

  2. "Now please let me proceed on my way without any further hindrance."

    Might be better: "I insist I and my property be allowed to enter the UK without further let nor hindrance".

    ?...or something along those lines.

  3. SBC .. yeah, l'll be playing with it for a while m'thinks.


  4. LOL agree with anon, theyll be spittin feathers! fuck em!

  5. May l say what a wonderful idea and thank you so much for the advice. lt shall certainly be of use. An excellent informative site.

  6. Terry, you aren't wrong. Infact in the few months I've been on here I've noticed that this site keeps getting better and better and I reckon sometime soon the UKBA will start trying to shut it down.

  7. lndeed Shinar, they go where angels fear to tread it would seem. l have donated to FOREST in the past but ceased because l became disillusioned with them. Where do Nothing 2 Declare get their funding from? They have no donate facilities or the like that l can see.

  8. Julies got advice bout notebooks aswell now

  9. SBC ... we have received thinly veiled threats from UKBA legal hounds but take no notice of them. The reply in Arkell v Pressdram is well known ...and used.

    Terry ... we have no funding. We are free agents to do as we see fit and fair. We don't do nice, we do right.

    Prop .. yes l've seen that. The chances of you getting a copy of the notebook at the time are in our opinion and experience ZERO. If people feel pressured to sign the note they should just sign it without a statement that says the contents of the notebook are a truthful and correct account of the interview OR scrawl a statement saying that the contents are NOT a truthful and correct account of the interview. You only need add that one word and if you scrawl the sentence, the officer will not even notice ... till it's far too late.

    You of course will have the audio recording of the whole incident. :)

  10. Its certainly not wrong, tactically speaking, to insist on a copy of the notebook but I doubt that there is a chance in hell of getting it. Unfortunately in her advice JW omits to mention under which statute such a demand might be made....there probably isn't one.

  11. Doubt if there is a statute because it's Civil. UKBA/HMRC will simply say copying machine is not working. They certainly wont want to give a copy. The notebook is b'all and end'all of their seizure policy. They use this notebook to reject any appeal you make within the 28 day period. This notebook not being available to you for the appeal so you really have little idea what the reasons were for seizure so how can you appeal against them? The reasons are put in the notebook by the officer AFTER it has been signed so l doubt if you even did get a copy that these reasons would be there. Best thing you can do is NOT endorse the notebook contents as being a truthful and factual account of the interview!

    Record the interview! ... only way to go.

  12. If I can find my trusty old 'John Bull' then I think a "JACKANORY!JACKANORY!JACKANORY!" (*shows age again*) stamp in pocket might be an idea.

    hmmmmm *ponders possibilties*


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