Terrorising the Anti-Smoking Righteous!

One of our guests at the smoky-drinky last night is having a great deal of fun with the anti-smoking zealots. He saves some of his cigarette butts in a small ziplock plastic bag and when the opportunity arises he takes one or two out and leaves them where they can be found. This can be in restaurants, council waiting rooms, doctors waiting rooms, offices, airports, airline/tran toilets and so on.

Sometimes for added effect he leaves a disposable ashtray too. He says it's hilarious to see the anti-smoking righteous go into acute terrified panic mode, rushing to report it and then trying to find the deadly assassin smoker.

l must say l love it ... but then l would, wouldn't l?  l am an evil smoker! ... a smoking terrorist, in fact.


  1. Wicked fun - and I haven't smoked in years! Still miss it though, especially after a decent meal - can't afford it now, more's the pity - it would be great to get up their noses like this!

    Thanks for the laugh!


    Did you read the blog where someone recounted being asked to extinguish AN E CIG because he was obviously 'enjoying it too much and setting a bad example'?

  3. Do you think we'll be able to use fag-ends as weapons soon? You know, line your wall with fag-ends instead of razor blades. Plant fag-ends with your jewellery so it doesn't get nicked?

  4. or... instead of a sign depicting a dobermann saying "I live here" just a sign with a fag saying "Beware smoker lives here"... :)

  5. Fuckin classic! up for this deffo!

  6. It'll be just like the Old West. We can throw fag-ends at their feet while shouting 'dance, pilgrim'.

    That'll work better after they're convinced they can get fourth hand smoke through the soles of their feet by walking on ash. I'm working on it.

    I've just bought a portable ashtray, a decent sized one. I think of it as an 'ammo box'.

  7. LOL @ Leg-iron

    'I know what you're thinking. "Did he take six drags or only five?" Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a Gitane Mais , the most toxic cigarette in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?'

  8. This is an excellent idea, to leave spent cig ends at the restaurant tables at the end of the meal for the bus staff to find and other diners to see. It would cause a sensation should it start happening all over, it truly would. It would go to renormalising what has unfortunately been denormalised in the public mind. Excellent idea this is.

  9. lf this takes off as l truly hope it does l can see it becoming an issue with ASH. They'll want it to be a criminal offence cos otherwise people will start smoking again indoors again. Why? because there'll be no evidence of smoking. They depend on the cigarette butt but what if people say it was already there? They'd have to catch you in the act of smoking. Love it! ln fact, it's bloody great!

  10. This is all very reprehensible.
    I'm shocked at the enthusiasm!
    Count me in!

  11. Are council buildings the same as pubs? lf there was "evidence" of smoking in the building would the council leader be responsible for fine like landlords? Just sayin like :0)

  12. I have been doing this for ages.
    I have never been a litterer, but delight in depositing my cigarette ends where they are seen and have to be cleared up.
    Before the ban I would have never even put out a cigarette in the street.
    Now they want us in the street, that is where they are deposited.
    The washrooms at the airports and hospitals are a favourite place

  13. Dont agree with leaving ciggie butts on the streets but l certainly would at specific targets.

  14. Cig end at the restaurant.Check
    Cig end at the pub. Check
    Cig end in the office break room. Check
    Cig end at the council office. Check
    Cig end in the doctor's waiting room. Check
    Cig end in the public restroom. Check
    Cig end on the train. Check
    Cig end in the airplane. Check
    Cig end in Parliament. Check
    Cig end at the department store. Check
    Cig end at university. Check

  15. Wild West by Leg-Iron, Dirty Harry by SBC, WMD's by Sue ... as Pat Nurse says 'inspired' :)

    .... and for all you CSI addicts. Use friends discarded butts ... no DNA evidence because some anti-smoking zealot somewhere will attempt to prosecute someone for smoking when a said butt is found. If on an airplane ... all passengers will be questioned and DNA taken! The terrorist must be found and prosecuted!

    'Smoking Gun' ... think 'Smoking Butt' :)

  16. Don't forget fingerprints, Dudes!
    This is getting complicated. :)

  17. Just use tweezers and rubber gloves to handle the butt and no fingerprints. To avoid DNA use only butts found from outside in the streets, could be anyone, untraceable back to the scene of the "crime".

  18. I enjoy chucking butts outside my local Bannatynes gym as Duncan Bannatyne is a Rampant anti-Smoker,I also chuck the offensive cig Packs in the street with the most horrendous pictures on them,they offend me, so i,ll offend !

  19. GENIUS! ...personally I try and smoke where eevr I can get away with it. On a busy train I'll use the bog, if it's half empty I'll just spoke down the quiet end of the carriage.

    The butts *allways* go on the floor, and it is a joy to see others there before me as I know that other fellow smokers have had enough.

    "I want you to get mad as hell and close the window, light up and yell 'I'm as mad as hell and I ain't gotta take this anymore!'"

    Keep up the fight Nothing to declare ;-)


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