FOREST ....Simon says part 2

Simon has decided to respond 

I'd like to clarify one point, 'Prop' didn't call him a tosser, what he said was in response to Tim's post that maybe Simon didn't read the comments on his site ... and l quote:-

"Prop said...
You think Tim? put Simons a tosser in his comments and see how long it last"


  1. Someone has said it already in the comments section; Simon is his own worst enemy for not simply saying 'I'm thinking about it'.

    Silence, on the intrawebz at least, isn't golden.

    As to the 'boycott', did anyone suggest boycotting UK retailers? CBA to check but I know that I suggested boycotting ONE BRAND...not the poor corner shops in general.

  2. Everyone, please follow the link above, (respond), and read Simon's answer. I found it devastatingly weak.

  3. @Zaphod


    I'd go with 'so lame it needed crutches to get it off the page'.

  4. Cannot find it now but you once put "We do right, we don't do nice". l see you meant it.

  5. Brilliant answers there from both SH and Zaphod. Worth reading.

  6. l see that theres some saying that we should be all nicey nicey but l'm with Tim. lf theres anything we can learn from ASH it's play dirty. Being meek gets you bloody nowhere.

  7. FOREST and it's selective memory

  8. and Simon is meant to be on the smoker's side, not much evidence in his reply, a bit feeble. I wonder how many freebies have been going

  9. "In other words, you can discuss cross-channel shopping all day long but if Forest was to organise a trip as part of a broader campaign we would do it behind the scenes, in private. Once the details were confirmed we would announce our plan and invite people to support it. We wouldn't discuss the details in advance on a public forum."

    "----- Either they were got at by Customs officials (who were aware of our plans)"

    yeah right, great plan!

  10. FFS! Simon turns up and has a pop 11 days after his original post and SH has buried his. Simon gets duly savaged again! lmao

  11. Forest list a 10 year history of their achievements of which even that is called into question by Daytripper. SH then lists this sites 10 month achievements. OUCH!

  12. Simon does seem to be intent on digging that hole deeper.

  13. @SBC

    you were so right with this --- translated into Brit means "Please Sir, would you mind awfully not persecuting me anymore, if its no trouble?".

    Forests Simon Chamberlain v ASHs fuhrer Arnott

  14. Suspect I'm the one accused of suggesting we play 'nicey nicey'... do bear in mind we are already considered the Devil's spawn just for being smokers, worthy only of contempt and (ideally) eradication. Fury, however justified, still needs channeled into something more productive than spit and venom. I'm not advocating we be nice to ASH et al - just more circumspect as to what we say to and about our allies however lacking in piss and vinegar they appear. There's more than one way to skin a cat, as they say.
    As to individuals - ie total strangers who feel they have the right to comment on my smoking ('it'll kill you you know'...) my response is usually along the lines of 'Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone who GIVES A FUCK what you think...' Nicey nicey? Me?? Someone doesn't know me too well...

  15. "my response is usually along the lines of 'Sorry, you must have mistaken me for someone who GIVES A FUCK what you think...' Nicey nicey? Me?? Someone doesn't know me too well.."


  16. BTW and off topic:

    "Tonight on ITV
    21:00 Smugglers
    First of a two-part documentary exposing the work of organised crime gangs and the average holiday-maker as they try to beat UK border controls and smuggle drugs and tobacco into the country. The programme reveals the case of a 62-year-old retired taxi driver from Birmingham caught with 5kg of cocaine concealed behind the engine of his car, and follows a cutter crew from the UK Border Agency as it stops a container ship suspected of carrying a large consignment of narcotics. Narrated by Samuel West."

    Might be worth a laugh....

  17. I love the way smokers (for that's the product in question) are twinned with organised crime gangs. The most heinous crime the average holiday maker commits (smoker or not) is the ruddy clothes they take away with them !

  18. The man from Up North with the company car was a prime example of what not to do.

    Ok he was no doubt a smuggler and not a legit shopper but he could give a Master Class in how to have your goods and car confiscated.

    He lied, he changed his story and worst of all he concealed.

  19. read the whole thing. What a fucking set of gutless wonders. Simon darent come anywere near SH. Notice too how Simon ducked all the questions and points? lol Simon was totally pwned!

  20. @D'babe ... No, l don't think nicey nicey was aimed at you specifically. Think it was more the lobbyists.


    You commentators can be vicious! ... you know who you are!


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