Beware of Belgian Tobacco Shopkeepers ##UPDATED## 14/02/2012

lt's difficult enough to cope with the UKBA without the very people who depend upon our trade making it difficult too ... with a little extortion thrown in!


Posted by Louise [User Info] [Email User] on April 13, 2011, 7:11 pm

Just had a call from freinds just been to Adinkerke today, shops all saying hardly any Amber leaf and you can only buy 3 packs of GV if you buy 16 cartons of ciggies.Is this a permanent thing?love to all Louise xxx

Posted by Tuum Est [User Info] [Email User] on April 14, 2011, 12:45 pm, in reply to "Adinkerke"

If this is truly the case Louise then this shop is simply profiteering and putting the shopper in a vulnerable position. If stopped by the UKBA, said shopper has realistically only 2 options ... lie about the cigarettes being for personal use or tell the truth and say they are not for personal use. Either way puts the shopper at increased risk.

A very small minority may smoke both but l personally know of none.

lf shops are doing this they should be named and shamed ... period!

Posted by Louise [User Info] [Email User] on April 14, 2011, 4:35 pm, in reply to "Re: Adinkerke"

Apparently this happened in every shop they went in, the big one with the 2 Blues Brothers figures outside would not let you buy any tobacco at all unless you were buying 16 boxes of ciggies, the big one on the corner where the kiddes skate park wouldnt let you have any baccy at all unless you were buying 10 boxes and then they would let you have 3 packs of GV, PJs and every shop on the front street were the same, they got some eventually at the big one on the left as you first go into the street but they only got 4 packs.
We were planning to go, but if we cant get anything, there doesnt seem to be any point,GV and Drum now £47 amber leaf £42 if you could get any, petrol and deisel is dearer there now than in UK.
Has anyone got any ideas if there is somewhere we can go to get baccy please?
Tanks love Louise xx

Posted by WALKERSTEEL [User Info] [Email User] on April 14, 2011, 6:45 pm, in reply to "Re: Adinkerke"

Louise, get youself to Ostend. 5 tobacco shops and all had stocks of Amber, GV, and Cutters when I was there 2 weeks ago although it can be hit and miss I'm told as it depends on delivery days. British Discount Tobacco (opposite the railway station) always has stocks of Amber and will let you have 3 packs of ten Amber per person max, so get the people with you who don't want Amber can get some for you as well.

Posted by Wee Jinty Hopper [User Info] [Email User] on April 14, 2011, 6:53 pm, in reply to "Adinkerke" | Message modified by user Wee Jinty Hopper April 14, 2011, 6:56 pm

Went there on March 27 - no Amber Leaf anywhere, ended up with Gold Leaf.

The big Real Tobacco on the canal road tried something like that on with us with GV - we can sell you x packs if you buy y packs of something else. 

Looks like Adenkerke is going down the tubes.....


I have to say that l have had no problems with the Tobacco Shops in Bruge. They have been superb. You can ring or e-mail orders and they are there waiting for you.


15/02/2012  There are no such policies in force at any of the Tobacco Shops in Belgium that we have heard of. We were at Real Tobacco in Adinkerke and Ostende on 14th Feb and the service was excellent.


  1. Said it before, we need to boycott Adenkerke. I always by at a service station..saves coming off the motorway. But I don't buy GV and only the Services IME just before Adenkerke carries GV.

    Although I do have some sympathy with the Tobacco shops, its not their fault that GV have caved into government oppression and aren't supplying. The shopkeepers however need to fight for their businesses....and customers.

    1. my wife & I have visited adinkerke shops every 3 months or so for the last 6 years, we do not smoke pre-made cigarettes and therefore do not buy them. never had any issues with the shopkeepers as being described in the above thread.
      We only buy for ourselves and close family never attempted to resell but convincing UKBA is a virtual impossible task.they are only answerable to themselves.

  2. PS. The Ramsgate-Ostende ferry is awful, truly filthy and no amenities, but it would be another option.

  3. PPS. SH it is considered bad form to post other people's IP addresses.

  4. IP's not my concern SBC. That's exactly how the posts are on Daytripper so it's not as though they're hidden from public view.

  5. I buy Gold Leaf, can't see the big deal about GV myself, but each to their own.

    I'm over there for an event on the 23rd, and always pop in to Adinkerke on the way, will report back if there are any problems.

    Sounds a barmy situation if that's what's really happening.

  6. I thought there was running a daily junket up to 6 persons at a time now, escorted over and back for a small fee.

    1. If you wish to visit the sex shop there is. Not my cup of tea.

  7. anon 00,41 where'd you get that from?

  8. Was over in Spain back end of Feb, I asked for 30 packs of Domingo (It not being a UK brand) and not a chance, she let me have 9. In France (near Limoge) they'll only let you have 3 packs as they only get deliveries once every 12 weeks if someone wants a large amount there's none left for the local ex-pats who smoke it. Calais was €9.20 for a 40g pack of Domingo. Andorra, no baccy at all, only cigs @ €22 a sleeve and then no UK brands.

    1. Go to Gibraltar cheap flight cheap baccy

    2. How much is the baccy there then? Do they do Amber Leaf and Golden Virginai?

  9. I admire your restraint. I'd be saying 'fuck Belgium' by now, but then I'm an awkward sod and have old fashioned (for my age) ideas about being treated like a customer.

  10. I only buy Belgian tobacco since the restrictions. Springfield now costs £2.80 for 50gms and is similar to Cutters Choice.

  11. Quick daytrip to Spain will sort you out! Or better still, come on holiday, Costa del Sol now the cheapest family holiday Tobacco shops are government regulated and always have plenty of bacci! Weather is beautiful now, so no need to worry about the smoking ban. Plenty of tables outside to watch the world go by!

  12. @Sue
    Spain is a beutiful country and i used to many places there, but the Spanish government has ruined it now for shopping as the prices of ciggies and tabacco are more expensive than buy here in my local pub :(
    On another note
    Ive just come back from Belgium and Brussels int airport had vast stocks of Amber and GV AND i mean vast stocks.

  13. Oh for a Whistler Blower inside GV. Despite being strong armed into it by the UK Gov, such market control is illegal under EU regs.

    That said and all moral high ground about 'the customer is always right and should be able to buy what he wants, where he wants and in the amount he wants' aside, we (the UK Smoker or 'leper' as we're more correctly known) are in some ways our own worst enemy.

    By only smoking one brand to the almost total exclusion of all others we play right into the hands of iDave.

    Makes life very easy for the Powers Of Darkness if they only have to coerce one company.

    Lets be honest, GV's main characteristic is its total lack of characteristics. It is to smoking what fizzy lager is to beer.

  14. I agree with Dirtyrider and SBC. Spain is no longer viable for tobacco/cigarettes. As for GV, people should spend some time trying foreign brands and find one they like ... then drop GV entirely. This should be applied to any British brands that are restricted by this UKBA/tobacco companies alliance.

    This damaging of British industries (not only the tobacco industry) is becoming a farce. The UK seems to be on a self-destruct mission with it's moral high ground stance. All it achieves is to allow foreign companies to fill the void ... at the expence of British industry and jobs. lt's total insanity.

  15. Anon 00.41 ... l think you are on the wrong site.

  16. My wife says GV in Bulgaria is approx £4.50 per 50gm and no probs that she can see with stocks.

  17. *wonders what bacca costs in Budapest these days cos he met The Bestes Frau In The World there 2 decades plus ago back when it was the People's Fun Palace and maybe a combined wedding anniversary trip down Memory-strasse/baccy run....*

  18. On the subject of GV, it'd be about time you updated your title. It's now 14.09 quid in ASDA :P

  19. Double lined jacket, the loose tobacco is poured between the two layers. Zippered back up, nobody knows it's in there. Tobacco leaves cut into small squares and fitted between sheets of paper in a ream. The plastic wrap goes back around the ream of paper and gets glued shut. Nobody knows it's in there. Hollow aluminium tubes of the bicycle and rolled cigs get crammed inside. I ride through and nobody knows it's in there.

  20. @ Anon 17:16

    Oh they know alright. Trust me, even the UKBA have a sense of humour.

  21. Anon 17.16 and if they didnt know they fuckin do now!

  22. Among the Alphabet Soup of disorders I suffer from are IED, IBS, CF and guessed it OCD!


  23. Does anyone know what's the script in luxembourg? is it the same over there?

  24. Short of supplies in shops last l heard of (April 2011)British brands. Don't know if they are operating same policy in Belgium.

  25. anyone know what Essex, or Ashford virginia is like. cannot buy cutters choice thanks to this crap government.


    1. Essex is really good, mellow but slightly dry, I have had essex for 4 years now and used to smoke cutters choice

  26. It annoys me when idiots attack the Belgium shop keepers when it is the UK government restricting the supply, it is just plan stupidity and distracts from the real story.

    What are foreign brands of tobacco like? Lets face it, nicotine is nicotine, it is pointless crying because you do not like the design on the wrapper - so grow up.

    Learn to like foreign brands and let the British suppliers of GV and Amberleaf go bust, lets face it it is no more than they deserve for cooperating with the government.
    I would smoke sh*t to see them go bust, indeed we should campaign to not buy brands restricted by the supplier.

    GV is made by Imperial Tobacco.
    Amberleaf is made by Japan tobacco.

    I will list the brands to boycott, then all we need to do is find suitable foreign brands to buy instead of British ones.

    Action such as this is likely to be effective in bring about change, the change we want ie hassle free buying.

    Too add further bite to the campaign BOYCOTT ALL BRITISH GOODS.

    This likely to be effective because it will scare the life of the government.

  27. Brands to boycott (JT Japan Tobacco) makers of Amber Leaf.

    JT flagship brands
    Camel (outside the USA)
    Mild Seven
    Pianissimo Peche
    Salem (outside the USA)
    Seven Stars
    Winston (outside the USA)
    Benson & Hedges
    [edit]Other brands
    Amber Leaf
    Crescent & Star
    Export A
    Genghis Khan
    Gold Coast
    Monte Carlo
    Nasha Prima
    North Star
    Old Holborn
    Peter 1
    Russian Style
    St. Michel
    Sweet Menthol

  28. Brands to boycott (Imperial Tobacco, makers of Golden Virginia)

    All JTI products in Australia – Camel, More, Mild Seven, etc.
    John Player Special (JPS)
    Lambert & Butler (the UK's best-selling cigarette brand)
    Mark Fernyhough cigarettes
    Peter Jackson
    Peter Stuyvesant
    Route 66
    [edit]Other products
    Drum fine cut tobacco
    Van Nelle fine cut tobacco
    Golden Virginia fine cut tobacco
    Rizla rolling paper
    Skruf snuff

  29. Wow, seems like they a monopoly on tobacco products between them!!

    So anyone know of any rolling tobacco not made by those two crooked companies?

    We need to start compiling a list and doing a bit of research.

    Anyway in my opinion the most positive form of action is to stop buying Golden Virginia and Amberleaf and learn to like other brands, as I said before at the end of the day they are basically the same thing, tobacco, or rather nicotine.
    Once sales plummet and the key people in the company are facing the sack they may change their attitude.

    Furthermore it has to be illegal, we are supposed to be in a common market, it seems we can import as much cheap foreign labour as we like but when it comes to buying tobacco at non-extortionate prices then that is not allowed.
    I have never voted BNP before but maybe it is time to start? I am not racist but it seems the only way to fight back.

    We also need to contact our MPs although is seems a fair few of them are in jail for fiddling their expenses so that might be difficult!!

  30. If you want decent tobacco look at the Belgam range of blends. I used to smoke them years ago when out there.

    Also Lucky Strike is a good blend if you can get it.

  31. I have just returned from Adinkerke and they had none. amberleaf, GV, cutters choice, gold leaf. Im glad i had not made a special trip as i was in France on holiday but i did buy some Royal leaf that i was advised to get as an alternative. The green pack is similar to GV and the yellow is like Amberleaf and it was only £3.00 for 50g the lady in Eurobaccy no 1 also offered a try before you buy pack for free. Hope this is helpful to some of you.

  32. Hello,

    I have just returned from Luxembourg on tue 12th of July. While there I called into Route66 to pick up some tobacco. No problem with supply but I paid 5euros for G.V and 4.40euros for Cutters. So similar to Belguim but a lot more hassle to get to. Luxembourg is being touted on a lot of sites as cheaper than Belgium, its not.
    Route66 and daytripper need to update their websites...x

    Happy Shopping,

  33. Anon 10.33 Thanks for that. l've got some people who are going over next weekend to Bruge but they pre-ordered it and it'll be there waiting for them. Pays to shop around it seems. Some shops are cetainly better than others on how they deal and treat their customers.

  34. Is it really really true,am I on the right
    We stll have half witted brain dead dipsticks still patronising shit holes like France and Spain,countries who treat us like vermin.
    Just how stupid and half brained can some people be.
    Hardly surprising ever more nations are q ing to
    punish us when we have our people giving them support.
    Just how thick can some idiots become.

    Last of the few

  35. Had a shopper call me today and Adinkerke is still doing it. FFS how can they expect cross-border shoppers to buy cigarettes just to buy tobacco??? UKBA will have a field day with this!

    UKBA must run these bloody shops!

  36. Who goes to Adinkirke anyway, s*** place. I know they're all linked but have you tried Tobacco Warehouse. Off at j1A (N8)towards Ypres. At 2nd lights, on the right 24hrs

  37. Anon 15.22 ... l myself don't but it seems others do. Thanks for the info.

  38. just to let you guys know most of the tobacco shops websites say limited stock on british brands, i had this problem last time did not check. The best way to get what you want in Belgium is to phone ahead and order what you want they will reserve it for you then they have no excuse not to sell you what you want.

  39. For online buying of cigarettes , you can very well stick to , where it contains variety of cigarettes at cheaper rates

  40. l hold little faith in internet buying. HMRC confiscate all they find and they've intensified postal searches. l prefer to be in control of my purchases.

  41. I used to buy online and generally had good experiences. 'Tobaccoking' used to be pretty reliable although pricey -worked out at ₤7 or so a pouch.

    But David is right, UKBA have gotten very good at stopping parcels. If I buy online now then from Germany as the Customs seem to stop them less often...parcels from Spain and Belgium are stopped as a matter of course it seems.

  42. Hearing through the grapevine that these shops are now stopping this sales technique of forcing you to buy other tobacco products in order to get what you want ... about time too!

  43. can anyone surgest a EU brand that has a taste like gold leaf/amber leaf, planing to take a trip soon to adinkirke and dont really want to buy british

    1. Arizona Blonde available usually in 30g pouches. You might have to pay for it in Euros.

  44. l dont smoke HRT myself and neither does Zaphod. l'd think the shop itself would be able to help. Maybe sample some whilst you are there?

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  47. Cutters Choice is made in Holland, why is it that posts above have said they can not get this brand, in some places, as it is out of UK supply control.

  48. Anon 11.56 Thanks for the info. We dont smoke CC so have no actual experience of buying it and it's availability. We depend on our readers such as you for this info. Thanks again.

  49. we tend to tend to supply the folks who very needs the great product at competitive price therefore we have a tendency to have a large choice of merchandise with nice costs.
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  50. Why not order UK brands from three different shops? If your limited to 1.5KG in each shop, you will end up with 4.5KG......NICE!!

  51. we went to Adenkirke yesterday they had GV in stock didn't seem to be limiting amounts.
    However I was looking for GV smooth but noone stocks it so I bought Springfield green packet.Real Tobacco advised it's similar to GV smooth. Only £2.95 and it's ok. They says springfield in yellow pouch is similar to Amber leaf also £2.95

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  55. Hi all, never seen this blog before glad i found it. I am amazed you all seem to be having problems obtaining amber leaf and goldern virginia !!! I goto netherlands regualy via dunquirke via car but unfortunatly mate wudnt drive into any belgian towns for baccy on way but we stopped at plenty of petrol stations that had drum, drum gold, goldern virginia and amber leaf !!! its not much more expensive than belgium. scince 2008 i can never ever find cutters choice anywhere in holland it realy p****s me off i dont know if there was a limit on quantitys from petrol stations of gv etc we only had 4 50g packs each of drum at the time was around 5 euro and G V was 6 euro Also in amsterdam and other big cities in holland those brands gv drum amber leaf tend to be everywhere. wants G.V amber leaf etc was pricy compared to belgium 6.65 a pack netherlands not that much more than what we have to pay is a piss take beats uk prices anyday just a bloody shame theres no cutters. If anyone has info on what type of shops sell cutters choice in belgium and what dont i would be very greatfull if you can message me via facebook I keep having unsuccessfull little hunts on way back from nl not just for baccy thou but went in hope !!! :( . Do petrol stations and supermarkets sell them or is it tobbacco shops only etc ? just got back from holland wish we left the dual carrageways now to look in the cities or towns of belgium am gutted if i was driving we would of done my mates a pussy driver :(

    1. Thanks for that. We don't know much about Holland as we prefer Belgium as it's cheaper. Stocks are much better nowadays and you can usually get the amount and brand you want.

  56. I grew some tobacco a couple of years ago, with seed from ebay.
    Instructions to "cure" it were obtained from the web. 8 plants gave me about a kilo of cured brown-stuff, which was mild and smooth to smoke.
    With fuel prices and the attitude of the public servants at customes, I seldom cross the water now.

  57. Just back from Adinkerke , plenty of tobacco. Came home with 1.5 kg GV and 2 kg AL. Fuel cheap as well 1.33 euro litre

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  58. go to pj junction 5 no probs ther what so every been going ther years top place and service

  59. Just back from Adenkerke all brands available no stupid ploys by shop owners GV Amber Leaf plenty in stock in most of the shops they need us they need our trade as some shops are closing and more will follow if they start messing around again.Back out again on 2nd Dec will report back with anymore info.

  60. Any updates for buying GV in Adinkerke? im going there next month thanks in advance :)

    1. I went to Andinkerke in August bought 100 pouches 50g GV an 20 pouches 50g Turners from Online Tabacco no problems at all hope this helps

  61. Update:

    From my experience you can buy as much as you can carry in the shops for GV.

    Amber Leaf is another story. The last couple of years I couldn't get it but one shop used to sell it to me with a 10 euro loading per pack of ten. Now things are different. Where I normally get it from it is sold in sterling only and cash only (£75). Also you have to buy 1 Amber Leaf and 1 another to get it.

    I don't know what the other shops do but on line the only price for Amber Leaf is £75 so I guess it is the same elsewhere.

    GV is up a lot to 90 euro's per pack (last year it was only 74 euros) and with the exchange rate as it is the whole cost is up about 30% on this time last year. 20% increase in tobacco and 10% on exchange.

    This is all own use and a couple of times per year


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