That ain't my America

Got this from some friends of mine in the States.

Would a patriotic British song like this be banned here?


  1. Only one l know is Metallicas These colours dont run. Yanks are more patriotic at showing it.

  2. "I'm mad as hell..."

    translated into Brit means "Please Sir, would you mind awfully not persecuting me anymore, if its no trouble?".

    Of course the song would get banned, we live in a country where burning a fucking paper poppy will get you arrested.

    BTW according to Golem The One Eyed Monster Who Sits In The Corner And Sucks Out Your Brains (aka the TV): next week there is a new docu series about Smugglers and how our brave customs men combat them....should be worth a laugh.

  3. Not another fucking staged reality show with goonies thinkin theyre Pacino, Depp. WTF?

  4. Prop, no doubt it'll be loaded with the subtext that EVIL TOBACCO SMUGGLERS ARE FUNDING TERRORISTS!!!1111
    (when they, the smugglers, get time off from impregnating gym slip teenage single moms with alien crocodile babies of course)

    And there will no doubt be the further inference that legit baccy buyers are also D A M A G I N G our economy and are really criminals who must be CONTROLLED.

  5. Bring it on cos were already branded outlaws anyway and our dictionary translates 'mad as hell' to 'fuck off'

  6. Ride of Respect this Sunday :-)
    Put this Skyn up SH


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