Ride of Respect ... Sun April 3rd 2011

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  1. At the risk of losing my carefully cultivated Hard Man image...



    but what scares me more is the notion of a bunch of bikers with little yellow wax id tags for their bikes and their ID's registered.

    What ever happened with with whole 'born to be wild' thang? Next the Clubs will be asking the police's permission before riding on a public highway.

    ooOOOOops my bad

    They DID! Apparently the police will allow 10 thousand of them.

  2. :-) thats true SBC but we arent on the run. Just wanted to give the run itself some airspace. Vetted by the Babylon? dont think that'd be a good idea.

    Festivals are the fucking same, my daughter had to give photo id to get her ticket. State run stuff aint my idea of freedom.

  3. I only glanced at the OFFICIAL web page but I'm guessing that as the ride goes through Wotton Basset (wasn't he a cartoon dog?) that it is meant to show 'respect' to the Crown Forces dead?

    One of the phrases that the poppy clad sheeples love to come out with is 'they died fighting for our freedoms'. Usually prefixed with the much overused 'our brave boys'.

    Dichotomy much?

    Show your respect for their 'sacrifice' by sewing a yellow star... sorry I mean by registering for a yellow wax ID tag...

  4. SBC ... my stepdad gets quite irate about the 'heroes' mantra bandied about nowadays. He certainly doesnt see himself as one even though he was at Omaha Beach amongst others. He saw it only as trying to survive ... whilst selling supplies to the Yanks (Johnny Walker etc) stuff that was supposed to go to what he called 'Brass at HQ'

  5. Omaha Beach? I'm not a military historian but I believe the correct military term for it is 'clusterfuck'?

    If memory serves a few thousand scared untrained German school kids managed to beat the crap out of the best the US had to throw at them....for almost a whole day.

  6. lt was the 352nd Division not school kids. The USMC were dropped in the wrong place, had no armour and the Allied bombardment had totally missed the defences. The 352nd had pre-pinpointed and set the whole of the beach with their artillery and machine gun nests. Fortunately for the USMC the 352nd ran out almost completely of ammunition.

  7. A quick google informs that the 352nd was made up of a majority of Russians/Volksdeutsch teenagers (ie school kids)who were totally untrained.

  8. One dreads to think what would have happened to the Marines if this had been a full combat hardened division with proper supplies in place. SBC is correct and is backed up by Lt Col. Fritz Ziegalmann (Chief of Staff of the 352ID) who puts 9,650 men as mostly 17yr old recruits.

  9. Again I don't know but I'll lay good money that the bulk of those '17 year olds' were infact a lot lot younger. That tended to be the case.

    It wasn't just Brit Great Granddad who lied about his age to be able to fight for 'King & Country' back in 1916 but by the end of WW2 German Kids were signing up to fight for 'Volk und Fuehrer' and also being conscripted...some at gunpoint. However officially they would have all been listed as being 17.


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