War on Terror? ... we've lost!

We are in a situation that ensures terrorism will not fail. No longer do terrorists have to carry out an actual attack, they just have to look as though they are carrying out an attack. They don't have to put much effort into it either because our Western Governments will bend over backwards to make any threat 'viable' , 'potentially whatever', 'do harm' ... and not forgetting to link it to 'Al-Qaeda'. This will then be parroted by the MSM and further enhanced by 'experts' to rack up the sensationalism and fear. No disaster scenario is left out no matter how 'Hollywood' it is.

Governments/Security services then have to be seen to do something. lt doesn't matter if it's rational or not because ...something has to be done! This invariably causes damage and disruption to companies which then effects the public ... which is exactly the aim of terrorists but they don't have to do it themselves anymore. We do it for them!

The latest ban on carrying toner cartridges is farcical. The toner cartridge was not the 'device' but only the case. This ban achieves nothing but inconvienience the public and damage business ... but not all business. The Security industry will do very well out of it as it always does.

lt has been said that this latest incident exposed a flaw in security and the sheeples nod their head and agree.

ln the meantime l can tell you that up to 1250 people arrive in Hull from Europe (not just the EU) everyday. These people do not have their luggage scanned and there is no weight, size or amount limit. You can even pass through passport control wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses!

But don't worry ... you'll be safe from toner cartridges.


  1. Isn't is so stupid. Do they think the worlds terrorists are going to pack up and go home because we've foiled their dastardly plan to kill us all with toner?
    We're governed by imbeciles!

  2. FFS, Liebour are back in control

  3. Not just wearing a cowboy hat and sunglasses either. Making a complete spectacle of himself, actually. They wouldn't even look at him, he was obviously a drunk or a looney.

  4. This must be the first bomb ever that redesigns itself :-

    "On Friday, MSNBC was deriding the bombs said to have been concealed within toner cartridges as crude and amateurish. CNN was reporting that no explosives of any kind were found in the packages. By Sunday, the US government and the media were describing the bombs as highly sophisticated—the work of professionals.

    The New York Times ominously began its report on Sunday: “The powerful bombs concealed inside cargo packages and destined for the United States were expertly constructed and unusually sophisticated, American officials said Saturday, further evidence that Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen is steadily improving its abilities to strike on American soil.”

    The press is uniformly citing US officials who state that the bomb maker is Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, who is named as the chief target of US reprisals, i.e., assassination. Yet in its account, the Times reports, without evidently sensing the contradiction, that this “expert” bomb maker built the “rudimentary” devices used by last year’s unsuccessful Christmas Day bomber in Detroit and a Yemeni suicide bomber who tried and failed to assassinate the head of Saudi intelligence, Mohammed bin Nayef, earlier in 2009.

    On Sunday, Brennan said he agreed with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s claim that the package bombs were meant to explode in the air, not at the designated Chicago synagogues. No one, however, has explained why supposedly expert terrorists would flag their own bombs, designed to blow up airplanes, by sending them from Yemen to Jewish groups in the US!"

  5. Surprised they haven't come up with Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri's return address has been found on the package.

  6. Sadly the great British public have swallowed this shit hook, line and sinker. We really are a nation of dumbfucks. Even if the sophisticated, amateurish, professional, rudimentary device existed this was not a knee-jerk reaction from our lords and masters but an opportunity grasped with both hands. It is all about fear and control, we are being trained not to think for ourselves, to rely on our masters, to accept any amount of humiliation and restrictions that they wish to heap on us and thank them for the privilege.

    Now be a good little puppy and follow orders or you will get your snout smacked with a rolled up paper.

    Roll over!!
    Walk on!!
    Play (brain) dead

  7. If the package had been a 10 pack of Golden Virginia it would never have left the FED EX
    sorting office in Sana,Yemen. The US and EU are
    very strict about dangerous sustances.

    North Sea Raider.
    PS You do get searched sometimes in Hull (outbound),for booze,so you cant avoid being ripped off in the non smoking bars onboard

  8. Now now North Sea Raider, l can't see that happening to you. As for myself, l have no inclination to purchase a £27.99 litre bottle of JD from ASDA and take it onboard when l can purchase it on the ship for £21.99 ... and then proceed to drink it. :)


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