Now this may well result in getting myself shot dead but ...

How can l resist buying one? All those C3PO's, Police, Traffic wardens, Anti-Smoking wardens, Airport Security, Security guards, sheeples, righteous going into instant panic mode! Armed Response Units racing out to confront me in the knowledge that l'm a really bad guy because l'll probably be smoking too.

Someone stop me from clicking the purchase tag ... l'll cause mayhem .... must not do it ...  Oh Damn! ... click!


  1. Think you'd better buy a bullet proof vest too. The armed response units are not reknown for their powers of observation or commonsense!

  2. or their markmanship!!!!!!!

  3. Never had a brolly in my life but one of those? Hell yeah! now look what you've done SH!

  4. Well it was only a lawyer they shot .
    This time.

  5. Oh wow! get plod to get used to these and then we can carry the real thing!

  6. OOOOOHHHHHH YYEEEESSSSSSS !! I want 2 at least worn cross ways and one of those little collapsable jobbies to keep the rain off!!!

  7. Oh the righteous will freak at that!


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