lntelligence Services???? hahahahaha UPDATE

According to latest reports the security theatre is again in full panic mode. Then we have these quotes

"It's not a bomb but is 'potentially sinister'  ...  :)

lt may be a dry run for a bomb."  Hahahahahaha

Yeah right, so you send a parcel that looks like a bomb to see what? lt gets through to the other end? lt's not detected? What????

This security circus has just one set of performers .... clowns!!!!!!!


Barry Obama and Security Chief Brennan made a pigs ear of press release. Barry said it was apparently explosive material. Brennan said this material was made inert even though they didn't know what it was and how it was to be triggered. He went on to say these packages were to "do harm".

Very innocuous term there Mr Brennan.

They had 2 fighter jets from Canada and then 2 from USA escorting the aircraft in.

What! they flew this aircraft that they thought had a bomb on it over NY! l won't mention the pointlesness of the fighter jets ... ooh, l did.

Brennan says that it would be unusual for a traditional drt run to have explosives.

No, it would be totally stupid not too. Have a dry run? FFS!

The UK  package that was deemed not explosive has now gone away to test if it is.

Oh, l'm sure we can get a scientist to say that ... just give him some extra money and it'll be fine.

There was a tip-off

So apart from packages arriving at Jewish places of worship from their sworn enemies, we have a tip -off too?  ha ha ha

Well, you can see where it's going folks. Expect shortly to have announcements that the packages were explosives and credible devices.

I bet the Chairman of BA had wished he kept his mouth shut .... cue more security restrictions.


  1. Picture of circuit board on CNN is a bloody incomplete carcass of a mobile phone with no fucking battery!

    l give up and am going for a lie down.

  2. In the 3.78 hours spent by the UK "border guards" mithering me about 44 pouches of rolling tobacco,46.6 pro rata unknown,unidentified foreign nationals slipped
    into Britain.
    The daft HMRC and inept police spend more man hours
    looking for Silk Cut than they do looking for
    Semtex...............mind you I suppose its
    a bit safer patting down an old soldier in a wheelchair than a mad Mufti
    Who is really running this off shore Beatwaste Depot

    The Silent Sufferer.

  3. Cunning plan by security theatre to kill terrorists by making them die of laughter.

  4. This is such a hoot! Why are the media reporting it with a straight face? The guts of a cellphone, and a bit of wire to get the scanners excited!

    Hey Osama, are you still reading this blog? Is this an experiment in minimalism? How about sending an empty parcel next time, with no stamp, and a return address? Or will it be a clockwork alarm clock next?

    I'm beginning to like these guys, they've got a sense of humour. They don't kill anyone, just close airports.

    And wait til we hear the new security precautions they'll bring in now. The recession is over, everyone wil get jobs opening all parcels by remote control in blast-proof bunkers.

    Then they'll resurrect the anthrax stunt, so all envelopes will need to be opened, too.

    Hey, a thought! Is this a stunt by the plane-stupid looneys? Making airfreight uneconomical?

    Where do we go from here? Just give it up, forget the security. I'll take my chances. It'll still be safer than crossing the road.

    Hahaha, gurgle, snork, fnarr!

  5. Barry Obama is going to make a statement .... oh joy! Full of if's maybe's could'ves blah blah blah.

  6. Oh l bet the New Yorkers just love the thought of flying a suspected bomb laden airliner over them.

  7. The MSM still don't get it. It was a fake, a tease; not a "dry run to test security". They've swallowed the official line, hook line and sinker. Forgive the cliche, but it is so apt.

    It looked enough like a bomb to cause a colossal fuss and make sure that the next time it WON'T get through. But the only way it could "do harm" is if you hit somebody with it.

    But the increased security burden that results is exactly the result that everyone wanted. To make sure it WAS found, they sent in a tip-off.

    The official announcements are such bullshit, the damage to authority and security's credibility is a bonus that "they" couldn't have anticipated. (another cliche) in their wildest dreams!

    I wish I was on the other team. My side are a bloody embarrassment.

  8. Update-

    Radio 4, interviewing Laura Trevelyan, 7:10am. First hint of scepticism I've heard. Tentative, but clearly she's not buying it.

    "The same explosive used by the underpants bomber and the shoe bomber".

    Explosive? They call that an explosive? That's a warm fart.

  9. Latest l've heard is wires were attached to a sim card. Oh ffs! that's f'ing stupid. A sim card is useless without a phone to go into!

  10. You'll never get in the USA now SH, FBI will ban you for life!

  11. Anon .... no, it's easy ... l'll go DHL :)

  12. It sounds like something made by the 7yr old son of a bombmaker while his father was out.

    "Look, I made a bomb like daddy's!"

    "Some of this gooey stuff, a bit of a phone, some wires, a washing-up liquid bottle, some sticky-back-plastic, ask mummy to do the scissors..."


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