What ever happened to the British Bulldog spirit?

Johnny Foreigner has lost all respect for us. We are a complete laughing stock as they observe our virtual total subservience to UK/EU regs and doctrines. Whilst they ignore or find ways round them, the sheeples of this country not only obey but actively enforce the very same regs and doctrines. lt's embarrassing to the extreme.

Recently the Greek government tried again with the smoking ban but the people are openly ignoring and flaunting it ... with the help and public backing of many of the business associations.

Compare that with the feeble response here ... hell, l don't even think you could call it a response. There was the exception like Nick Hogan but he was truly victimised for it. Where were the others? Where were the attempts at getting round the law? using the loopholes that are there? Maybe you know of someone who has done so? ... well?

Yes l know we can blame the pathetic response from the breweries and how they control their tenants ... but what about the freeholders? Where were they? And what about the restaurants? hotels? cafes and so on? ... a resounding silence!

Of course that's just the smoking ban. What about the thousands of other regs the sheeples have meekly accepted and then enforced? The UK is nothing but a joke and a feeble one at that.

The glimmer of hope is that all have not submitted ... there are those that simply won't ever submit and will continue fighting back no matter what.


  1. Dear Mr Hot

    1 July - National Smoking Day


  2. I worked for a brewery when the ban came in. They just bent over.

  3. I'm stunned by the failure of many pubs to even make the permitted provisions for smoking outside.
    The shelter must have no more than fifty percent wall. (To ensure that we suffer) Some don't even give that!
    I have seen an approved halfwall shelter planted very close to the main building, thus remaining legal but cutting out the worst of the weather. That was at a factory, though.

    Or, take a full threewalled structure, (illegal), and double the size of the roof! (Now it's legal, but more sheltered).

    Or put up a good shelter in the yard, (next to the legal one), stick a bloody big no smoking sign on it, and don't go near it to check!

    What about getting creative? A seperate inside room with head and hand holes to an outside table, complete with ashtray.

    Come on landlords, don't go down without a fight! Use the law, don't just bend over.

  4. Pubs don't deserve to survive if they don't try. Natural selection, those who fight will keep their own trade and get they'll that from the others who failed.

  5. l find your homophobic photo offensive

  6. Oh dear Rob ... grab a fag and chillout. :)

  7. " British Bulldog Spirit " ? ? ? ?
    I nearly fell out of my rocking chair laughing,
    my wife could'nt stop giggling.
    Be honest ,the vast majority of under 60s "men"
    are little more than efemminate jessies,limp wristed jelly tots,sofa sirens,season ticket holders,Oz wine sippers,after dark self gratifiers,Tesco trolley pushers,sunday drive/meal mutants,mummy's frock pullers,
    Viagra dependent babe channel fans.
    Thats the hard element,let get to the real pansies,landlords,MPs,Journalists,Uniformed
    Council Officials,CAMRA members,celebrities
    and the absolute pits,the real pond life,
    the cess of our species,Labour Voters and Pubco

    "Hold My Hand"

  8. You had no right to use a photo of my boyfriend without permission. If you had to, you could have used a good one. I've told him not to wear pink.

    And he's not a fag!

  9. I suppose Rob will Anonymous's comment a bit offensive, too. Some people are so touchy!

  10. Why dont landlords just erect a 95% covered shelter and write pig pen in big letters on the front of it?


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