Remember these days?


  1. Well, I can certainly remember a time where there was more social cohesion.

  2. Not only that, I remember that ad! The St Bruno ones focussed on the pleasant pipe smell too, IRRC.

    And doesn't Penelope Keith look young there?

  3. I’ve lived in peace with my pipe for a shade over forty years. I can’t believe the quality of this colour advert which comes from 1970…that’s forty years ago...I was only twenty then.

    There is nothing more convivial at Christmas than a nicely filled Butz Choquin briar pipe and good company. A mature brandy and the waft of a flue cured mellow Virginia blended with Latakia…it brings a pleasantness to proceedings that only a pipe smoker can bring.

    I know many of you have never tried a pipe…but believe me there is nothing else that can fill you with such a feeling of deep contentment and civility than this experience…why not try it this Christmas and see for yourself. Some of the most decent and reasonable people I’ve ever had the good fortune to meet in life have been pipe smokers.

    These wild eyed zealots that now infest our society – are neither pleasant nor civil.

  4. Hah! I agree with JJ's every word, even down to the length of time I have been smoking the pipe.

    I used to smoke Benson & Hedges too. Now I just look forward to that Condor moment.


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