Remember the Dubai assassination and the MSM?

The MSM reported the assassination as a very amateurish operation supposedly by Mossad. The British Government also jumped on the bandwagon because of the forged passports and rattled their sabres.

After identifying 30 suspects by spending over 10,000 hours looking over 1500 cctv footage and using such things as face detection technology, Dubai investigators have found none of them ... zilch!
That's right, all leads have lead to nothing after 8 months. :)

The British Police said one of the passports was not forged and belonged to a 62 year old Christopher Lockwood and so staked out his London residence .... but he never showed. Digging deeper they found Mr Lockwood had changed his name from Yehuda Lustig in 1994. Mr Lustig was born in Scotland to a British Jewish couple from the then British run Palestine.

Unfortunately Mr Lustig was a soldier and is listed as killed in the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

Yes, that sounds a very amateurish plot by Mossad indeed and further shows how useless cctv and associated technology is when up against an intelligent adversary.  Story here.


  1. The Israelis are so often completely over the top, well out of order, The way they operate shouldn't be tolerated in a civilised world...

    So why do I admire them so much? I can't defend them in a reasoned way, but I am cheering them on!

    And, I'm not proud of this, I don't like the bloody Arabs.

  2. Bloody stupid MSM, they haven't got a clue. lf this was a botched up Mossad operation(which it clearly wasn't) what does that make the Dubai and British police?

    SH, your pic of Inspector Clouseau is spot on.


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