Classic Benson and Hedges advert

Note the Government Health Warning at the end   :)


  1. this is an advertisnemt for smoking and its aganst the law
    your all paidby big tobbaco too sell this filth
    you shoud think of the children
    theirs lots of evil poeple like you but i know who you are and i know where you live.

  2. was that from the sixties? Obviously it was a cinema release. Also did I see the Callan and Equalizer actor playing the driver???

    Didn't know there was a gov health warning in those days, maybe it was for the American market.

    Truth, if you are not having a laugh then FO!

  3. (Truth),if not playing sillies ,BUZZ OFF,get back to Hollyoaks or Corrie,just stop being a silly lttle dipstick.

    Reminder Buzz off X 10

    Grim Reaper

  4. Why no health warning about obesity I wonder, did you see the size of that man?

  5. They were gambling too !
    Mind you at least we don't have Mary Whitehouse now ,we've got Arnott instead.

  6. lt is interesting about the health warning. l didn't realise that they've been around for so long.

  7. Never thought I'd say this, but, I wish we only had Mary Bloody Whitehouse to bother us now. At least it was only her and her chums, and they weren't being paid. And at least they achieved nothing. If anything, we were more free in the end cos they got the debate going, and common sense then prevailed.

    What the hell has gone wrong since then? Is this some kind of backlash, that will die down? Many of those in power now, lived through the tail end of the sixties. Have they run out of energy, and they now want a quiet life? I bloody haven't, and don't!

  8. At least Zaphod we had some sort of debate in Marry Whitehouses's time, we don't now, we smokers are stiffled by the MSM. But there is a backlash, we will stand for this no more.


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