If Carling did holidays

Ok, well not Carling but a company called Olialia which is pronounced "ooh-la-la"
This is a Lithuanian Company that intendes to open a resort in the Maldives staffed by blonde women only (not necessarily natural blonde). The airline will also be staffed by blondes ... including the pilots.

Resort is planned for 2015 although the righteous will no doubt be up in arms about it.

Never been to Maldives .... wonder if Mrs SH will let me go?


  1. Prob not do the disco bit but the beach is deffo.

  2. A blonde pilot? Oh the images that conjures up. Ha ha ha

  3. That shouldn't be allowed, someone should ban it. lt's disgusting all them women flaunting their bodieslike that.

    When can l book?

  4. Block booking then? maybe get a discount! :)


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