Silence of the Lambs

Chairmen of BAT, JTI and IT
The 3 tobacco companies involved in the restricting of supplies to UK shoppers remain silent. Despite having to have an lnitial Notice from HMRC on large seizures of tobacco for it to be actually classed as a large seizure, the tobacco companies fail to supply any information as to it's actual existance.

Now if they had been issued with such a notice one would think it would be in their own interests to release it. lt would show actual proof that such a seizure by HMRC was factual.

What we are left with is that all 3 companies will have us believe that all 3 had large seizures of their own product. Namely, Golden Virginia, Amber Leaf and Cutters Choice. Also we are led to believe that HMRC didn't release to the press information on at least 3 large seizures! ... yeah, right.

So, Chairman Iain Napier of Imperial Tobacco, President of Japan Tobacco International Pierre de Labouchere and Chairman Richard Burrows of British American Tobacco ... l think we can now add you to the list of organisations who actively or passively harass and intimidate legitimate UK Shoppers.

You now sit with UKBA, HMRC, Government, MSM, ASH and other anti- smoking fascist groups. You should hang your heads in shame but you won't because you think that by your appeasement these groups will be kinder to you. You really must live in cloud cuckooland. l note that none of you got invited to the recent summit on illicit tobacco. Don't you understand? ... they don't want you and yet you want to be their friends? ... hahaha.  You really are beyond belief. Why don't you grow some and make a stand? l won't hold my breath.

In the meantime, us smokers will carry on as before. We are very resolute and won't be broken whether it be by anti-smoking laws, anti-smoking fascists, HMRC, UKBA, Government ... and now you!

You are now are enemy but other tobacco companies will glady take our trade as will man with van. Your actions have done nothing to stop illicit trade whatsoever ... in fact you've increased it whilst stabbing us legitimate shoppers in the back. Most of us will find our legitimate supplies from your competitors but others will now turn to man with van even more. You'll be definitely on his Xmas card list!

You've treated us with utter contempt in the belief that we are stupid ... well, we are not and we WON'T SURRENDER ... unlike you!


  1. No we won't surrender SH. Let us know if you get any further responses from them.

  2. I don't expect any. I just wanted to give this issue a final post and let them know their actions have not gone unnoticed.

    Seems they have been looking me over too :)

  3. I hope they read what you've said because it might just be the man in the van that gives them the kick up the arse they need.

    But like you I won't hold my breath, especially while Big Tobacco profit from supplying Big Pharma with nicotine for their smoking cessation products.

    Us smokers are just cash cow, cannon fodder for the government, BP and BT.

    They ought to have as their mottos:

    We Profit while fcuking smokers.

  4. The Gloves are off.


    PAGE 17.
    In the pharmaceutical business, we will continue to build a globally successful, R&D-driven business with unique features and strive to secure a market presence with original new drugs by increasing and advancing compounds in a late phase of clinical trial and enhancing the R&D pipeline.

    PAGE 26.

    Pharmaceutical Business

    FY 3/2009 Business Performance Summary

    • Net sales: ¥56.8 billion, up 15.7%
    • EBITDA: ¥ 4.9 billion, up ¥ 11.2 billion
    • Operating income: ¥ 1.0 billion, up ¥10.7 billion

    Business Performance
    In the pharmaceutical business, JT is striving to steadily advance
    the development of compounds in the clinical development stage
    and enhance the R&D pipeline so as to increase the value of this
    business at an early date. While we have abandoned the development
    of anti-obesity compound JTT-553, anti-Hepatitis C
    compound JTK-652, anti-hyperuricemia
    compound JTT-552
    and anti-diabetes compound JTT-651, the development of
    anti-HIV compound JTK-656 and anti-hyperphosphatemia compound
    JTT-751 proceeded to the clinical trial stage, bringing the
    number of compounds currently in this stage to nine.

    In September 2008, JT concluded a licensing agreement
    with Merck & Co. of the United States concerning anti-osteoporosis
    compound JTT-305, which gives Merck the exclusive
    rights to develop and commercialize this compound worldwide
    excluding Japan.
    PAGE 27.

    As for out-licensing, we concluded licensing agreements
    with Roche (Switzerland) with regard to anti-dyslipidemia agent
    JTT-705 and with Gilead Sciences (U.S.) with regard to anti-HIV
    agent JTK-303 in fiscal 2004.


    In fiscal 2006, we licensed a new pre-clinical trial stage compound to GlaxoSmithKline (U.K.) and licensed a pre-clinical trial stage antibody drug candidate to MedImmune (U.S.). In addition, JT concluded a licensing agreement with Merck & Co. of the United States to license the JTT-305 anti-osteoporosis oral compound to Merck. By tapping external R&D resources through these out-licensing deals, we have sped up the development of our drugs.


  5. It makes sense for the smokers of the U.K. to buy other brands in Belgium. There are plenty of choices. White van man is thriving along with market traders with tobacco products 'under the stall'. There is a huge increase in street sellers that appear with 'bags of fags'.
    Buying rival brands is one answer to stop this practice by the 'big 3'

  6. I'm almost lost for words. They can't actually be the enemy, but they must be either incredibly stupid, or just gutless cowards. Seriously, I never expected "loyalty" from them. I just expect them to seek profit. But there's no profit in this action, is there? How can someone so cowardly and/or stupid have found themselves in an executive position in a major company? I don't get it. I saw through HMRC's bluff years ago, and they've never beaten me yet. These companies have high-powered lawyers, don't they know a bluff when they see one?
    I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut, but there's something we don't know. And I can't imagine what it might be. I don't believe that HMRC have the power to follow through with their threats, The EU wouldn't stand for it. I don't believe that Big Tobacco is that stupid, either. But I don't have any other explanation.

  7. Wonder how all their next annual shareholders meeting will go? Chairman "I've restricted sales of our product and given the EU millions and millions of pounds to do a job that they already should be doing. The money l've donated from the company profits won't make a blind bit of difference. Oh, and l've increased sales of white van man and made many of our customers now buy foreign brands"

  8. Just got back from Flanders ,no Amber Leaf,
    low stocks of GV,so i bought foreign and plastered the
    West Vlaandere Kust with "Extremist Flemish
    anti British posters" (In Flemish/Dutch/German)
    About time we shit our cowardly nation of
    traitors and whimps.

    All or nothing

  9. Anon ... our foray into Flanders is to happen shortly. l guarantee it will be an interesting eye-opening expedition.


"In the eyes of the Tribunal the review letter contained several preconceptions, prejudgments and non-sequiturs"

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