Credit where credit is due

This short video by British American Tobacco is long overdue. Previously l have criticised the tobacco companies for not doing anything to defend themselves or us smokers. l hope this video is a sign of things to come because it is good.

They use the very things that have been levied against tobacco companies by the government and anti-smoking facists ... smuggling, counterfeit cigarettes/tobacco, criminals, terrorism and so forth .

BAT then say ... "We agree with you ... stop making it worse!"

Well done BAT ... more please

Watch the vid ... here

H/T Pat Nurse and Simon/Takng Liberties


  1. Good choice ... this needs publicising. l hope it turns up on national tv.

  2. I have just just returned from Flanders where the bones of a quarter of a million young
    Britons lie deep in Belgian mud,surrounded by roses nurtured by their blood.
    They died so their children and grandchildren
    could enjoy the freedom they would never see.
    Now we have politicians and companies who
    eagerly and cowardly toss that freedom away.
    We will never forget those who left us freedom
    we will certainly not forget those who would throw it away.

    The Moving Hand

  3. Love that video! Okay, it's shameless propaganda, marketing hype, etc. Everything that the advertising industry has found to be effective. But the sheep can't help but find it convincing, and those with a brain just have to be amused and impressed, by the way it turns the "smoking=organisedcrime" bollocks right around and sends it back. How can the righteous argue with any of it? Brilliant! Good to see Evil-Tobacco come out fighting! Heehee!

  4. Someone in a tobacco company has grown some balls?


  5. Can't fault this at all, If the pillocks at ASH, CRUK & government can't see what they are causing then there is no hope for any of them! Bring it on BAT.

  6. Come on, Bigtobacco! Fight! I hope they keep this up. Appeasement was never going to work against the fake charities and the dogooders. :-)

  7. you dirty smokers goig to die of cancer and ill lagh at your funerel Yuo all stink and we hate you


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