Snatch Landrover and the Koran

In order to foster understanding of the local culture, I suggest that all forces vehicles in Afghanistan should carry copies of the Koran at all times. Personnel could use odd idle moments to browse through this noble work, and gain understanding and respect. (Perhaps the Gideon Society would like to organise this? Just a thought.)

Ah, hold on though… What if the vehicle was damaged by a roadside bomb? The sight of burning pages fluttering down from the sky would upset the devout believers, obviously.

Hmm. Okay, how’s this? All vehicles so equipped would be painted bright orange, and have large black letter “K”s, (or “Q”s?) all over them. This way, the dedicated and selfless freedom fighters engaged in the brave struggle to repel the evil foreigner, would not inadvertently compromise their glorious afterlife by deliberately destroying the Holy Book. It’s only fair to help them to avoid such a terrible fate. Destroying a Koran is unforgivable, we all know that. For our forces to carry a copy must be acceptable, surely? But clearly, no true muslim would knowingly destroy one.

Yes, that’s the solution.

Cheaper than an Ocelot too, I bet!


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  1. lnteresting idea. lt seems some people have come up with another idea to combat suicide bombers. Basically it warns it will explode pork substance all over the suicide bomber as he detonates.


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