Pope "terrorists" released without charge by Keystone Cops

ls there any intelligence at all in our Anti-Terrorism Police? These 6 streetcleaners were overheard joking in the canteen on assassinating the Pope. One had said how easy it would be to shoot him, another replied that the Popemobile was bulletproof, another then said a rocket launcher would do it. They then left the subject and went onto discuss other matters like football and so on.

Unbeknown to our 6 street cleaners their conversation was overheard by the new breed of citizen ... the snitch. This snitch then reported the 6 to the Anti-Terrorism Police who, without engaging any sort of thought process, went into full panic. The result of which was that these 6 got arrested.

Now,l don't know about you but l severely doubt that any terrorist plot would be discussed loudly in a canteen. Secondly they had no weapons whatsoever in their mobile dustbins or on their person. What were they going to do to the Pope? ... attack him with sweeping brushes? FFS!

It was quoted that these roadsweepers had knowledge of the Popes route but so did everyone else in the country because they had put barriers up!
ln these days of impending cuts l suggest they get rid of this whole bloody circus of anti-terrorism. They are nothing but an expensive joke. You could say they were like the Keystone Cops but even they'd perform better than this lot!

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  1. Maybe the Keystone Cops for the new century will continue to chase after phantoms and imagined criminals, like "the smokers" a good example, all the while the really serious criminal networks will be given carte blanche to grow and multiply, so as it was 20 years into the last turn of century, so with this one, will come a nicely established criminal network for supplying everyone's outlawed booze and tobacco products and they will have even grown in power enough and in admiration amongst the public's eye that they would as easily gun down any politician or Keystone Cop of the 2020's who dare tries stopping them. Could another round of Bonnie and Clyde be upon us, since today's coppers have gone back to their "progressive" roots from last turn of century and become incompetent boobs and tools of oppression instead of doing anything helpful or meaningful for the citizens, having turned against us long ago in order to further controls for their politician masters. History repeats itself, in cycles.

  2. Now the Dutch have arrested a suspected terrorist flying from Liverpool to Uganda. British sources won't confirm that they tipped the Dutch off.

    Which in English means that the Brits missed him in Liverpool ... what a freaking shower of twats!


  3. All one has to do nowadays to create mayhem is pass on a rumour to the security services then they, the government and the MSM will do the rest for you. :)

  4. You're not alone in thinking this



  5. What disturbs me, seriously, is that the media report these "terrorist" stories without laughing. Whatever happened to journalism? They just cut and paste press releases. Do they read them first? Didn't the press use to be an important factor in a healthy democracy?

  6. A police spokesman said “If somebody on a plane jokes that they have a bomb the authorities take it extremely ­seriously and this was a similar situation"

    Ha ha ha, more evidence of nil-intelligence! Similar situation??? They were in a canteen ... and not expecting the Pope to be dropping in for a cuppa.


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