Can anyone guess who this is? Actually there are 2 guitarists, one being a guest who's  very well known and the other becoming so.

If you like the blues guitar you'll love this.


  1. Tried it just now and divshare isn't loading. But it isn't loading on mine either. Wiil return.

  2. I havn't a clue. My guess is that this is from somebody who normally does heavy metal, but apart from that, nada.

  3. l love this track, lt's Danny Bryant featuring Walter Trout (who's touring UK now). Band is Danny Bryant's Red-Eye Band, album Days Like This.
    l demand my £5!

  4. Fantastic, that album is on the 'to do' list for tomorrow. When it started I thought Gary Moore????, then I cheated and looked at Skywalkers answer. More like that is good, I would not have found out about the album unless it was posted here, thanks.


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