Shredding my Holy Quran in next 24hrs

Sorry but it just has to go and shredded it will be.

Update ... 

11th sept is a day l won't ever forget. lt is very important to me and on that note ... my Quran has been totally and utterly shredded.

Update 2 ... 

How strange ... l shredded the Holy Quran on my birthday 11th September and there's been no demonstrations, death threats (fatwa), no prophecies of a 3rd World War or anything. Yet a Pastor in Florida only 'threatens' to destroy the Quran and all hell breaks loose :) Ah well, it would seem that only certain editions of this book are held in high regard then .... the rest you can do what you like with and lslam doesn't care.

Ho hum.  :)

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"the absurdity of this reason is demonstrated by simply stating it"

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