The stupidity of Facebook ... or is that F##kedbook?

So you try and access your Facebook account from abroad but Facebook doesn't recognise your location. lt then asks you to verify your account by putting up pics of your 'friends' and you have to ID them.

Unfortunately the idiots at Facebook don't have any idea how people use Facebook .... note the pic. Also if you have a 'group' people are constantly asking to be your 'friends' .... and you're supposed to recognise these people! Not 1 person but 5 of them have to be identified out of 7!

So you end up locked out of your FB with no chance of accessing it .... what a joke!

1 comment:

  1. LOL facefuck! hahahahaaa
    I'd be fucked if it were me I only have 3 friends so could never get 5 from 7!!!


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