Freedom in the Rhodopian Mountains of Bulgaria

Near to the border of Greece (20km) is a small Bulgarian village called Trigrad. It is at the end of a gorge pass about 7km long. The road is narrow but useable with care. Trigrad has a population of approx 250.
Accommodation was just a room in someones house but it was clean and had it's own bathroom.

On the nightime we ended up at the local bar which is really no more than a Leg Iron smoky/drinky. We bought a bottle of the local whisky which was not that bad at all but at 4 quid a bottle, who's complaining?

Talk centred on the regulations including the smoking ban that the EU tried to impose. These people simply have no regard for anything that could restrict their lives. Regulations are just something to be ignored or got round. They had a lifetime of regulations from the communist era so had excellent training on how to deal with regulations.

Take my current hotel in Solzapol. They have no smoking signs on my hotel room door and hallway but they gave me an ashtray! ... and there's ashtrays in the hallway. This is truly a refreshing attitude they have and one has to applaud them. They take no too kindly to anyone who tries to be righteous either.  At the bar that l'm writing this there must be 75% of the people smoking and the ones that aren't are not tutting or waffing their arms about ... everyone is just enjoying life.

We finally left the smoky drinky leaving 5 people of the village there in the early hours of the morning. l bought a final round for them before leaving .... 2 quid for a round!

Freedom is alive and well in Bulgaria!


  1. If I won the lottery I know where I would be living, freedom....oh I wish!!!

  2. i will have to look round for cheap flights, knowing our customs (stasi) they will probably stop loads of passengers coming off these flights as they know theres a good possibility of people bringing back decent priced tobacco and that just wont do, will it. I would love to be able to live like the bulgarians do now, just leading their own lives without state interference in every aspect of their lives. glad to hear you had a nice trip



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