The Anti Terrorism Security Circus .... reality check.

The vast majority of anti-terrorism measures are simply just a security circus with only the clowns as performers along with  audience participation by the sheep public.

I recently came into Hull port via P&O Ferries on the Zeebrugge to Hull run. The ferry Pride of York has a dedicated port terminal at Hull exclusively for the P&O Hull-Zeebrugge route. There are no other ferries or any other ships using this 'secure' immigration terminal.

l presented my UK Passport at UKBA border control and the officer clown then asked me where l've come from?????????

Eh? what? ... l'm on a ship from Zeebrugge to Hull. Does the ferry company have the shipping equivalent of bus stops in the middle of the North Sea?

The only place l could have come from is Zeebrugge ffs.  The only place they can check is Zeebrugge re the passenger list which they already have! lt's on their screens along with my passport details ... side by side.

I refuse to participate in this ridiculous circus so l stared right at the security UKBA clown and said 'From the ship which sailed from Zeebrugge. Do they come here from anywhere else?
The clown did not respond but just waved me through. Question must have been too difficult for him, l thought.

Now let me give you some facts. There is no security on P&O Ferries ... none other than passport control. Your cases are not checked, x-rayed ... nothing. You have your cases with you the whole time and the only time you run the risk of them being checked is when you return to the UK and run the gauntlet of the UKBA looking for ..... tobacco!

But what about Mr Terrorist and his friends who came from anywhere on mainland Europe and got on the ship at Zeebrugge with their large suitcases filled with AK47's and explosives? lf their target is not the ship then it may be the terminal at Hull or maybe mainland UK itself. lf the target is mainland UK and they get stopped by UKBA at Hull, do the UKBA expect them to simply open their suitcases and stand passively by and await arrest whilst the AK47's and explosives are confiscated?

But don't worry folks because the security circus knows full well that there is very little chance of such a thing happening as the terrorists (except our homegrown morons) don't seem to think the UK is worth bothering with. That's assuming we believe the circus that these terrorists exist in the first place.

So the security circus will carry on with the sheep public audience participation. The clowns and audience congratulate each other on  job well done and they all lived happily ever after.

That was until yesterday. We no longer have the bogeyman terrorist, we now have the real McCoy and these are armed and have explosives and are already here in the UK. The explosives aren't the fertilizer type either ... it's C4.The weapons aren't shotguns like the taxi driver Bird had ... they are AK47's, sniper rifles, grenade launchers. (We did a grand job on stopping Bird though, didn't we? ... not forgetting the exceptional result with Mr Moat. These 2 were mere individuals remember and not an organisation) The target has been announced as mainland UK. lt is not an idle threat either as they have been actively practising. They may be a bit rusty but they have the capability and resources. They are the Real IRA.

The sheep public will now see how the security circus performs with real threats .... the very thing it was never created for!


  1. l've been on those ferries and your right. the baccy is the target cos they deffo dont look for anything else. terrorism my arse.

  2. The only terrorists are bloody HMRC

  3. Yep, security services will be pissing in their pants now

  4. l live in Northern Ireland and despite security that makes the mainland UK security pale into insignificance, the RIRA attacks continue. Few of these are reported by the mainland MSM.

    l can understand why the RIRA have chosen to extendtheir campaign to the mainland because the security is a joke. lf they do actually carry out their threat l would envisage a much higher success rate than they get here. Perhaps that would open up peoples eyes to the complete garbage UK mainland citizens have been fed all these years about terrorism.

    lt was never about terrorism, it was purely and still is a campaign to make you citizens obediant to the government. Sadly it is working for as SH says:- the people are sheep.

    Glad to see not all of you are.

  5. ha ha ha right on cue the anti-terror lot arrest 5 streetcleaners. how long before theyre let free? :-)

  6. Macka ... very shortly because all they have ais an overheard conversation. FFS!

  7. im in france and wanna come over to hell to c my cousin i got a passport but no visa will they check that


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