Free Trade EU? ... not if you're from the UK it isn't.

l've been following this for a while to see where it leads. So, you go abroad to buy your tobacco because it saves you so much money. You do this even though the UKBA try everything they can think of to stop you in your legitimate pursuit.

Seems they are not content at this. lf you smoke Amber Leaf, Cutters Choice or even Golden Virginia in some cases, the shops in Belgium and Lux don't have any. This is because the shops cannot get hold of any because production has been stopped of these products on the behest of the UK Gov/UKBA. This embargo will last till the end of the year.

Yes, you are reading this right. The UK Gov/UKBA has 'instructed' the tobacco companies to restrict supplies of British brands of tobacco. Firstly l wonder what the share holders of these tobacco companies will make of this? These tobacco companies seem have as much balls as Pubco .... zilch!

This won't effect the organised smuggling in the slightest but it will effect the legitimate shopper. Personally if l smoked these brands l'd no longer shop legitimately, l'd get it from man with van man because his supplies won't be interrupted.

l've written to the tobacco companies about this but as yet have had no reply. This sort of action is against the whole pronciple of the EU but there again it was never meant for us mere citizens was it?

I'd never allow the UK Gov to dictate to me what l can and what l cannot buy ... even if it meant getting used to smoking foreign brands. I have a message for the UK Gov/UKBA and the tobacco companies that are implementing such a measure .......... Fuck you!


  1. Any idea what the Belgian equivalent to Golden Virginia is ?
    Now that I know that Golden Virginia is 'British' I will be quite happy to upset the shareholders even more, by not buying it any more and changing to a Belgian brand (if there is one)

  2. It suprises me not that the gov ern mint are interfereing with free trade practices to try to halt the baccy'smuggling' that is going on, they are now , always have been and always will be a bunch of CUNTS!!!

  3. Now... I heard this rumour 10 years ago and I think it worth repeating.

    The one eyed snot gobbling insane porridge wog was approached about 18 months after being ensconced in No 11 by booze sellers in London and the SE and then HM Customs who told him about the millions in notional tax revenue being lost to independent importers availing themselves legitimately under the Treaty of Rome.

    A crash recruitment and training program for an addition 1000 or so new customs officers was set up at a moribund RAF camp in Essex. Anyway after about half a dozen intakes the program was wound up but... Gordon made a speech to assembled alumni of the course on the final passing out and told them "the loss of revenue must be staunched and we will not look too closely at the ways and means which you use to achieve our goals"

    The EU prosecution of UK HMRC for the theft of vehicles, duty paid tobacco and duty paid beverages is still out there and clanking slowly along. Gordon effin Brown explicitly sanctioned this criminality and should be made to pay for it too.

    Some of the fuckers took the piss so much that they did time for stealing (illegally) confiscated goods and vehicles from erm... HMRC IIRC 8 of them in Kent had a warehouse that they used stolen (stolen) vans to deliver stolen (stolen) booze and baccy to sellers all across SE England

  4. They don't show that on the cheapo "Undercover Customs" TV bullshitfest documentary crap do they?

  5. I have said for a LONG time that Dave commyron is just another Stalin clone, like Incapability Brown and "Ohhhh PLEASE stuff that up me again George" Blair.

  6. So you telling me that we cant buy our cheaper legal tobacco of GV OF £3.85 per pouch maximum of 3kg in Belgium anymore?

  7. If it's of any use, I've just got back from Greece. At the airport, I picked up a HMRC leaflet that states that there is no limit on how much you can bring back into the UK, from within the EU. If I haven't lost it, I'll scan it for you, if you like.

  8. I have just returned today from baccy alley and there are big problems with supply of gv/amber, i managed to get hold of 25 boxes of gv through a mate of a mate in de panne, i got through dover ok but the nazi's i mean border farce had about 6 cars [ all uk plated ] in getting stripped.
    this has got 2 stop it is legal theft, i go 2/3 times a year for family and a few freinds and am a bag of nerves entering the country of my birth!!


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